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Dwight Gooden weighs in on Matt Harvey situation

Doc isn't happy about how the Mets' young ace is being handled.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Gooden had some thoughts today on the recent Matt Harvey debacle, and he took to Twitter to give his two cents on the matter. The short version, he's not very pleased.

"Can't believe what I'm hearing. I couldn't imagine me or Ron Darling agent would even think about taking the ball from us come crunch time. I would expect Matt being the ace to come out & say he's pitching if they make the playoffs & moving forward he wants the ball every 5th day here on out as Iong as he's feeling good ....lets remember stressful innings r more important than innings counts not even going to mention my innings as a 18yr 19yr 20yr"

Gooden has been a longtime supporter of Harvey's—he's even attended more than a few games that Harvey has started—and a pitcher to whom Harvey is often compared, so it's interesting to see where he falls on this issue. Nobody is ever going to be pushed as hard these days as Gooden was in his first three years in the majors. From 1984-1986, when he was 19,20, and 21 years old, Gooden averaged 248 innings pitched each year, including 276.2 in his 1985 campaign. That's quite a few more than Harvey is ever likely to throw regardless of how far removed he is from Tommy John surgery.

What Gooden is stressing here more than anything else is how Harvey himself feels physically. Innings limits made by doctors, agents, and GMs are fine, but Harvey needs to let his arm dictate his pitching schedule. Seems like he may finally be doing that.