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Matt Harvey says he'll pitch in the playoffs for the Mets

The pitcher says he'll continue to pitch.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

A day after speaking to the media and saying that he viewed his 180-inning limit for this season as a hard cap, Matt Harvey has published a brief piece on the Players' Tribune in which he says he will pitch for the Mets in the postseason. Harvey says that he has always wanted to pitch, particularly in the postseason.

In the piece, Harvey says:

Together, we are coming up with a plan to reach an innings limit during the season. It will be a compromise between the doctors and the Mets organization to get me, and the team, to where we need to be for our postseason run.

I understand the risks. I am also fully aware of the opportunity the Mets have this postseason. Winning the division and getting to the playoffs is our goal.

Harvey also says the the 180-185 inning cap "seems to be the number that will allow" him to pitch in the playoffs. That assumes, of course, that the team makes it there, but with a four-game lead on the Nationals in the division, they certainly have the opportunity to do so.

As far as the plan that Harvey, his agent Scott Boras, his doctors, and the Mets is concerned, he'd probably have to limit his workload in the regular season to just a couple more starts—or perhaps a few five-inning starts—to keep his workload before the postseason within the 180-185 inning range.

Harvey is scheduled to start on Tuesday in Washington in what will be a huge game for the Mets. He has thrown 166.1 innings so far this year.