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Mets' 2016 schedule released

Next season's schedule is now available.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

If September baseball wasn't enough, the Mets have released their tentative schedule for the 2016 season. The Mets are set to begin next season on the road with a two-game series in Kansas City on April 4, with their home opener taking place on April 8 against the Philadelphia Phillies.

That home stand will last six games, with the Marlins coming into town for three games after that. The Subway Series will be a four-game series in August spanning August 1-4, with the first two games at Citi Field and the final two at Yankee Stadium. Other than that series, the Mets get the task of playing the AL Central in interleague play.

They will play Cleveland three times on the road (April 15-17), the White Sox at Citi Field for three games (May 30-June 1), Minnesota for three at home (Sept. 16-18), and Kansas City for two games at home (June 21-22).

They close the season on the road against the Phillies in October. The full schedule is below, or click here for a PDF.

Mets 2016 schedule png