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Mets and broadcaster Keith Hernandez agree to new contract

Our long national nightmare is over, as the Mets have re-signed one of their biggest free agents!

Elsa/Getty Images

When this offseason began, the Mets went into it with a few of their biggest players becoming free agents. We've seen some leave, like Daniel Murphy, who defected to the Nationals a few weeks back. We've seen some return, like Bartolo Colon, whose one-year deal was met with love and joy from the Mets fanbase. Then there are those who haven't signed, like Yoenis Cespedes, or at least hadn't signed until now.

According to reports earlier tonight, Keith Hernandez is back with the club, having agreed to a new contract with SNY and the Mets. The great news is it appears Hernandez will be locked in with the clubs for longer than three years this time. While it seemed unlikely that Hernandez would bolt from the network after ten seasons alongside Gary Cohen and Ron Darling, the mere thought of that lovable curmudgeon not being part of Mets broadcasts going forward was too much for some to bear.

Hernandez's return gets us excited, as it means there will be plenty more of his infamous faux pas to go around. Really, there's nothing better during a long baseball season than hearing Keith not talk about the hot dog or hearing the cough button silence after he compliments Mets players on opening up some eyebrows.