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All of Yoenis Cespedes's home runs with the Mets

Sit back, relax, and binge watch some Cespedes home runs during this blizzard.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It might sound crazy now, but when the Mets traded for the recently re-signed Yoenis Cespedes at the trade deadline last year, he didn’t hit a home run for almost two weeks. From there, though, he went on a tear and hit them at a staggering pace over the course of several weeks. Let’s watch all seventeen of the regular season home runs, plus the two he hit in the playoffs. The distances included below are from the "true distance" data at the excellent ESPN Home Run Tracker.

1. August 12, 404 feet

The famous rally parakeet made its appearance on the screen behind home plate on the night Cespedes took this low-and-away pitch out of the park to right-center field.

2. August 14, 384 feet

J.A. Happ finished the season very strong for the Pirates, but Cespedes hit one onto the Party City Deck here.

3. August 21, 369 feet

The first of Cespedes’s three home runs on the night, this one was a laser beam grand slam.

4. August 21, 435 feet

The second home run went to center field.

5. August 21, 422 feet

That game in Coors Field was a wild one, as the Mets blew a huge lead but went on to win anyway. Here’s the third of Cespedes’s home runs.

6. August 24, 425 feet

A ball hit 425 feet to left field at Citizens Bank Park as about as no-doubt as a home run can get.

7. August 26, 420 feet

Of course, it’s not impossible to hit a home to center field there.

8. August 27, 422 feet

Speaking of home runs hit to center field at Citizens Bank Park:

9. September 1, 414 feet

This wasn’t his longest home run, but it was clearly gone off the bat.

10. September 2, 404 feet

High-arc moonshot home runs are particularly beautiful to watch, but there’s something impressive about the raw power of laserbeams that leave the park instantly.

11. September 4, 420 feet

The fences at Marlins Park hadn’t been moved in yet last year, but Cespedes still hit one out to right-center, one of the deepest parts of any park at that point of the outfield.

12. September 6, 412 feet

This one at Marlins Park goes right into the base of the massive home run sculpture.

13. September 7, 371 feet

All of the home runs were great, but the ones Cespedes hit against the Nationals were clearly the best. This one gets bonus points for confusing the hell out of Jayson Werth.

14. September 9, 413 feet

You can actually pinpoint the second when the Nationals’ season rips in half.

15. September 11, 438 feet

Add this one to the list of no-doubters.

16. September 12, 365 feet

This one barely clears the wall, and Gary Cohen’s delayed "it’s outta here" is both understandable and entertaining.

17. September 14, 421 feet

This didn’t even look like great contact and wound up in the second deck in left field anyway.

18. October 10, 374 feet

The first of his two home runs in the NLDS, this one against Zack Greinke just cleared the right field fence at Dodger Stadium.

19. October 12, 440 feet

The last home run of Cespedes’s season was majestic, turning a Mets lead into a blowout as they beat the Dodgers in Game 3, one game after Chase Utley broke Ruben Tejada’s leg with a dirty slide. Citi Field went nuts.