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An update on the Mets' 2016 payroll with Yoenis Cespedes in the fold

The team's payroll suddenly looks respectable.

Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

With their addition of Yoenis Cespedes, the Mets made their team much better and significantly increased their 2016 payroll in the process. So let's take a look at the payroll for the Opening Day roster. Players expected to be starters on the team are in bold.

Player Salary
Yoenis Cespedes $27,500,000
David Wright $20,000,000
Curtis Granderson $16,000,000
Neil Walker* $10,700,000
Asdrubal Cabrera $8,250,000
Lucas Duda $6,725,000
Travis d'Arnaud $550,000
Michael Conforto $550,000
Alejandro De Aza $5,750,000
Ruben Tejada $3,000,000
Juan Lagares $2,500,000
Kevin Plawecki $550,000
Wilmer Flores $550,000
Bartolo Colon $7,250,000
Matt Harvey $4,325,000
Jacob deGrom $550,000
Noah Syndergaard $550,000
Steven Matz $550,000
Sean Gilmartin $550,000
Jeurys Familia* $3,300,000
Jerry Blevins $4,000,000
Hansel Robles $550,000
Erik Goeddel $550,000
Antonio Bastardo $5,375,000
Addison Reed $5,300,000
Jenrry Mejia* $980,000
Josh Edgin $625,000
Zack Wheeler $550,000
TOTAL $137,630,000

We're going with guaranteed salaries for players on the roster above. We don't know yet what's going to happen with Carlos Torres, who agreed to a $1 million salary to avoid arbitration but was designated for assignment to make room for Antonio Bastardo. So feel free to add that to the total above if you'd like. Alejandro De Aza could make more based on playing time, but with the addition of Cespedes, it's obviously less likely that he will eclipse those benchmarks. And the $27.5 million included for Cespedes would be his guaranteed salary if he opts out after this season.

As for the asterisks, Walker and Familia haven't settled with the Mets yet, and the numbers included above are the estimates from MLB Trade Rumors. Mejia's salary is prorated for the portion of the season he'll be eligible to play, based on Chris Walendin's estimate.

That leaves the Mets with a payroll of approximately $138 million payroll. That's as high as the payroll has been since 2011, per Cot's Contracts, and a significant increase from the seasons since then, which came in at $94 million, $93 million, $85 million, and $101 million, respectively.