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Mets can give Yoenis Cespedes qualifying offer if he opts out

If the slugger uses his opt-out clause after one season with the Mets, the team can give him a qualifying offer.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

In further news about the Yoenis Cespedes contract, the Mets will be able to extend a qualifying offer to the outfielder should he decide to use his opt-out clause after one year, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. This means the Mets will be able to receive a compensatory first-round draft pick should he opt out, turn down the qualifying offer, and sign elsewhere.

Assuming Cespedes puts up good numbers with the Mets in 2016, he would be expected to use his opt-out clause and seek a longer-term deal with in a less competitive free agent market. Cespedes and his agents were looking for a five- or six-year deal this offseason, but options were limited and competition was strong. Despite the three years on his contract with the Mets, it seems likely that this is effectively a one-year deal.

If the Mets give him a qualifying offer, as they did with Daniel Murphy, Cespedes would surely turn it down, giving them Mets an extra first-round draft pick in 2017 if he signs elsewhere.