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Video: Matt Harvey plays "Never Have I Ever" on Andy Cohen's late night show

The right-hander showed up on "Watch What Happens Live" last night and revealed some personal secrets.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

"Watch What Happens Live" is a neat show because host Andy Cohen has a talent for getting celebrities to do and say funny things. On Thursday night, Mets starting pitcher Matt Harvey was a guest, and as a result we got to learn some things about his off-the-field life.

Along with Cohen and news anchor Connie Chung, Harvey played a game of "Never Have I Ever," in which players take turns saying something that they have never done. If one of the other players has done that thing, he or she takes a drink. It's a real hoot, especially when Cohen purposefully brings up things that he has done just so he can drink more.

It turns out that Harvey is guilty of passing gas while on television as well as (gasp) doing a "three-way." He has not, however, tried cocaine. Thank goodness.

Since Harvey is a baseball player, conversation surrounding this clip is probably going to turn into an argument over whether Harvey is spending too much time in the media spotlight or just having fun like anyone else would do. Really, though, you should just enjoy this funny clip and hope that New York's talented star continues to stay away from hard drugs.