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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 165: Look, they can't all be winners

We may be a bit rusty after the time off.

We like to think after 165+ episodes we have a bit of a relationship, with you, the listener.  So we will be honest. This podcast, well it might be a bit of a train wreck. The Mets didn't help matters, since there is no real news to speak of, and the news there is, it's very confusing. Also Aaron's laptop is very noisy, unless Jeffrey figured out a way to fix that in post, and Jeffrey's laptop isn't charging so this was recorded on a now ten-year-old MacBook. Regardless we soldier on, and Jeffrey, Aaron, Kate and Steve discuss resolutions, Daniel Murphy's new digs, DePo's new job, and the B-Mets new...well, they are still the B-Mets for now. Then we answer your e-mails on Aroldis Chapman, Jay Bruce, and new homes for our old Mets before wrapping things up with some pop culture and Swedish soccer talk. 2016, let's go!

As always, you can listen or subscribe to the podcast through iTUNES, find us on the stitcher app, listen through the embedded player below, or download the podcast directly from Blog Talk Radio.

And don't forget you can e-mail the show at, and we'll be back in 2016 for what will probably be mostly airings of grievances, all of your e-mails, and maybe even a Josh Satin watch or two. Until then, enjoy the holidays, and don't ask us about Alejandro de Aza for god's sake.