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Mets Morning News: Killer Cs

Your Sunday Morning dose of Mets and MLB news, notes, and links.

MLB: New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Meet the Mets

According to Buster Olney (and his subscription wall, just a heads up) the Mets can take their time while staying in the potential Yoenis Cespedes free agency chase.

Another year of Bartolo Colon is looking like a strong possibility.

Down in the Arizona Fall League, things got off to a good start for Gavin Cecchini. took a microscopic look at the Mets offseason outlook at first base.

Around the NL East

The Nationals plan to make a serious push to retain closer Mark Melancon.

The Phillies found themselves three good, young starters last season, but must explore free agency to fill out the rotation.

The Marlins have taken a flyer on Dalton Wheat, Baseball America’s top-ranked independent league prospect.

In case you’re curious about some of the players who’ll be terrorizing the Mets in the next few years, here’s the top 100 (yes, 100!) Atlanta Braves prospects.

Around the Majors

Chicago’s having a citywide party. The Cubs are in the World Series.

They’re awaiting The Indians, meaning at least one lengthy championship drought is about to be lifted.

In other news, the Pirates made a relatively significant organizational change.

There’s been talk of an international player draft in the coming years, but some young players are fighting back against the idea.

This Date in Mets History

October 23rd marks the game before a really memorable one. The Mets and Red Sox played game five of the World Series 30 years ago today. Boston pulled ahead in the series that night in Fenway, but I think you’re probably familiar with how the rest of the series went.