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Jeurys Familia arrested on domestic violence charges

The relief pitcher allegedly caused “bodily injury to another.”

MLB: NL Wild Card-San Francisco Giants at New York Mets Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Mets closer Jeurys Familia was arrested on charges of domestic violence. Familia, who is identified in the complaint as Jeurys F. Mojica, was charged with simple assault. The complaint was filed at the Fort Lee municipal court and describes the All-Star pitcher as having caused “bodily injury to another.” The victim, who was not identified, was observed as having a scratch to the chest and a bruise to the right cheek.

This is obviously a very discouraging turn of events for Familia and the Mets franchise. Familia was recently featured in an ad campaign for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, in which he stated that he was a fan of baseball, but “not a fan of domestic violence.”

From a baseball standpoint, it would not be surprising to see Major League Baseball hand down a suspension of some sort. Jose Reyes was suspended 51 games, while Aroldis Chapman was suspended 30 games, related to charges of domestic violence.

The 27-year-old Familia has been one of the Mets’ best players over the past two seasons, with a 2.20 ERA in 155.2 innings while striking out 170 and walking 50. He’s recorded 94 saves since 2015, second only to Mark Melancon.