AAOP: The Full Votto

It's about to go down, Yiz'all.

Going down

Things are about to get a little crazy, eh? Yes. Yes, they are. I'll try to do this in the most organized fashion, but really, this would be a series of dominoes falling. Some of the TRAIDS would preclude some free agency signings, some would come post free agency signings. But I'm a simple man with a name that isn't longer than three capitalized letters, so I'll leave that narrative to people who have time (aka less kids) to do such. I mean, I do expect this to inspire prose of some sort. Probably hate prose, but prose nonetheless.

The housekeeping:

Reyes and Bruce had their options exercised and we all nose that Niese did not.

Neil Walker is offered a QO. Neil Walker rejects the QO. Neil Walker nets the Mets a pick when they decide to move in another direction. Neil Walkers reaction?



Mets trade Gsellman, Duda, Cecchini, Smith & Molina to the Reds for Joey VOTTO! and $32 Million in salary relief ($4 mil per year for the life of the contract).



The Reds could go either way, rebuild or try to restock. But lets be honest, they don't have a good team, and squandering their veterans would be silly, especially at the price tag that they have. So, with the promise of putting in a Timmy Ho's on each level of Citi Field, as well as being able to take his talents to NYC, Votto agrees to waive his NO TRAID clause. It's a high price to pay, considering his age, his salary and his Canadian-ness, but it's Joey Votto. VOTTO! Based on the fairly high value in the package that is sent the Reds way, they help out on the contract some.

Mets trade Jay Bruce to the Astros for Colin Moran and Reymin Guduan.


The SS Bruce is probably best suited to dock on a beach near Mundra, India to commence the scrapping process, but he's still got pop in the bat, the Astros need a left handed bat for their lineup, have the DH position (Bruce's best defensive position) and give up relatively little. Moran was a very high draft pick that has put up very low draft pick like numbers. He's blocked at 3B by several, so would be slated for AAA, and who knows, he might be needed at 3B and he might pan out. Even if he doesn't, we don't have Bruce. So there is that.

Mets trade Curtis Granderson to the White Sox for Brian Clark and Thad Lowry.


I know, I use this gif too much. But it's too wonderful not to, and it makes me think I've saved our salmon and got him home safely. Man, it's misty in here. Someone cut an onion?

The White Sox had JB Shuck start for them for most of the year. Shuck(s). So, this move does a couple of things. It brings Granderson back to his home town, helps with a short term Left Handed bat for the White Sox on a very short term commitment, replenishes some minor league pitching depth for the Mets that don't require 40 man status and frees up salary for the Mets. Curtis, may the Chicago salmon taste just as sweet.

Mets trade Juan Lagares to the Cardinals for Kolten Wong.


Lagares is off to play for the In-Bev's

Cardinals have a need for a CF. Mets will enjoy Kolten's ability to play both 2B and fill in some OF spots where needed. They both are fairly comparable in stats, contract type and age, with more being committed to Kolten, but Kolten being 2 years younger. The St. Louis infield is pretty much set, which helped make this deal come about. We love you Juanderful. May you ride like Willy Mays flying on a falcon. Just not against the Mets.


Mets sign Yeonis Cespedes to a 5 year, 125 Million contract



First and foremost, New York is a diverse place. Losing Cespedes to free agency would mean no Cubans. We can't have that, just based on their delicious sandwiches. His bat, his throws, his cars, his horses... we need this.

Mets sign Dexter Fowler to a 4 year, 60 Million contract.


Dexter provides an above average CF, is a switch hitter and will provide an adequate lead off hitter. Contract isn't too crazy, and solidifies a position we had all hoped Lagares would have made his home.

Mets sign Bartolo Colon to a 1 year, 9 million contract Derek Holland to a 1 year, 5.5 million contract.

Mets sign Greg Holland to a 2 year, 12 million dollar contract (4/8 split), performance bonuses that could escalate by 3 mil each season. Opt out after one year.


Just like how the Mets prefer to do dates with potential free agents and ladies of interest, they are going Dutch here. Double Dutch, actually.

With the offseason showing it is an evil mistress that moves to fast, especially in Georgia, and with Gsellman being used to help acquire Votto (VOTTO!), the rotation (while stacked), needs some depth. D. Holland should provide decent filler for the back of the rotation and he can pitch out of the pen when (Lord willing) the top 5 are all healthy. Wheeler doesn't exist until I see him on the mound and pitching in a major league game. This should leave Lugo slated for AAA, until the Grimm Reaper shows up at Port. St. Lucie.

As for the potential of a 2 year, 20 million dollar deal for G. Holland... I know. You are saying to yourselves that IPA must wear wooden shoes, enjoys a good smoke and a pancake or something. But if G. Holland gets all the money for this contract, then things have gone quite right. With Familia, Reed and Holland, this gives a very nice 3 headed monster in the BP.

Mets sign Geovanni Soto to a 1 year, 2 million dollar deal.


We're not ready to deep six d'Arnaud yet, but something more than Plawecki is needed. And though Soto had his last season cut short due to injury, when healthy, he put up some respectable numbers. Worthwhile addition to backup backstop.

Mets sign Kelly Johnson to a 2 year, 5 million dollar deal.


I refuse to trade anything more for Johnson. Positional flexibility and we just don't have enough minor league pitchers to trade for him. I mean, have the Mets traded more players for this guy than anyone else in history?


Mets sign Henderson Alvarez to a minor league deal, with a 3 million deal should he make the majors, plus 2 million in performance bonuses.

Alvarez has been a good pitcher. Alvarez has also been broken. So, low risk, potential higher reward. Also, bodies. This team is going to need bodies.

Mets sign Rene Rivera to a minor league deal.

Should Soto break, a Rivera will run thru it.

Mets sign Justin Ruggiano to a minor league deal.

Added depth, he was nice to have when healthy and gives some added depth to the CF spot if things go bad.

So, based on the above, and adding in players on the team and in the system, this is how the 25 man roster plays out. Back end of the BP has other options, like Gilmartin, Goeddel, etc.

Position Player 2017 Salary (millions) Bats
C d'Arnaud 1.7 R
1B Votto 18 L
2B Reyes 0.55 S
SS Cabrera 8.25 S
3B Wright 20 R
RF Conforto 0.55 L
CF Fowler 15 S
LF Cespedes 25 R
C Soto 2.0 R
1B/2B/3B Flores 1.9 R
2B/OF Wong 2.5 L
OF Nimmo 0.55 L
INF/OF Johnson 2.5 S

Postion Player 2017 Salary (millions) Throws
SP Syndergaard 0.55 R
SP deGrom 4.5 R
SP Harvey 5.2 R
SP Matz 0.55 L
SP Holland 5.5 L
BP Familia 8.7 R
BP Reed 10 R
BP Robles 0.55 R
BP Holland 4 R
BP Sewald 0.55 R
BP Edgin 0.8 L
BP Smoker 0.55 L

When you add in Niese's 500K, you get a grand total of..... USD 140.45 Million. I went over a tad, factoring in getting at least 450,000 back from Wright's insurance plan. Bolsters up that offense something fierce. VOTTOOOOOOOOooooooo......!!!

For future payrolls, 2018 should have us at 135 mil, not factoring in Arbs, which does pose a problem, but there are solutions. ACab can be bought out. trades can be made (a la moving Harvey for a haul, basis health). And obviously, once they have won the World Series of Northern North America, I'd factor in a bit of an increase.


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