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Monday Morning Mets Mind Boggler: Monthly awards

Can you name every Met to win a monthly award?

Milwaukee Brewers v New York Mets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

This week, the BBWAA will be announcing the winners of its four major awards: Rookie of the Year, Manager of the Year, Cy Young, and MVP. In that spirit, for today’s Mind Boggler, we’d like you to name every Met to win one of the three monthly awards presented during the regular season: Player of the Month, Pitcher of the Month, and Rookie of the Month.

Mets players to win regular season monthly awards.

Last November, we posted a Mind Boggler featuring every Met to win a major end-of-season award, including the ones being presented this week. While the 2016 Gold Glove and Silver Slugger Award winners have already been announced, both leagues’ Rookies of the Year will be announced tonight, followed by the Managers of the Year, Cy Youngs, and MVPs during each of the next three days, respectively.

You’ll have five minutes for this quiz. Good luck, and remember to post your time and score in the comments!