AAOP: Let's Get a Ring Already - My Blueprint

Hi all. This is my second ever post on Amazin Avenue - my first was a decent guide on what the Mets should do in the off-season to get better. But since it was right before a contest I knew nothing about (hint hint: this one) let me start again.

Move #1: Re-sign Yoenis Cespedes. I don't think it takes more than 4 guaranteed years to get it done. He likes Flushing. 4 years $108 million total. ($27 million a year)

Move #2: Trade for Andrew McCutchen. Last year was an aberration and the man is very hard on himself when he doesn't perform. McCutchen is a club house leader and a good guy to boot. I say he rebounds goes for 32 doubles, a .292 average, 90 RBI's and 24 home runs as a Met. Plus he regains that glove in center too. He is scheduled to make only $14 million next year and $14.5 million the year after that. This makes him very affordable and worth the risk.

Who Do You Trade to Get McCutchen? - It's gonna take some interesting big names....I think Harvey and Juan Lagares get it done. Harvey is still a question mark health wise plus he wants out of NY by 2018 anyhow. He's a headache...let him go. If they want Gabriel Ynoa too...throw him in there.

Move #3: Three way trade between the Mets, Tigers and Cardinals. The Tigers GM is looking to shed payroll and Detroit has some bats that can be useful to the Mets. I say we trade Jay Bruce and Rafael Montero to the Cardinals, the Cardinals send minor league top prospects SP Jack Flaherty and SS Edmundo Sosa to the Tigers and the Tigers send right handed RF J.D. Martinez to the Mets. Tigers also give St. Louis Erik Aybar to complete the deal.

JD Martinez 's salary is only expected to be $11.75 million next year - less than Jay Bruce's.

Now our starting OF is set at roughly $52.5 million for Cespedes, McCutchen and J.D. Martinez. But subtract Jay Bruce, Matt Harvey and Juan Lagares' salaries ( totaling roughly $20 million) and the Mets have spent only an additional $32.5 million. Let's not forget Colon's $7.5 million comes off the books but let's assume that goes to pay the increase in arbitration for both Reed and Familia.

Move #4: Trade Curtis Granderson (as much as this pains me) and his $15 million contract, along with Nimmo and Zack Wheeler to the TB Rays for Chris Archer and Danny Farquhar. Mets get back two arms, one bullpen and the other a reliable starter coming off a down year. Archer still gets you 195 IP and 200 Ks even in a down year. Mets shed enormous salary with this deal too - giving away $19.5 million and taking back back about $5.5 million for Archer and Farquhar combined. Archer is your reliable replacement for Harvey also.

Move #5: Trade Travis D'Useless to the Cubs for back up utility infielder Tommy La Stella. Cubs need a back up catcher to replace a retiring David Ross and plus D'Arnaud would fit well in a Cubs uniform with his Cub like face. La Stella isn't a bad utility IF and can spell Jose Reyes at 3B for 25- 30 games a year. Solid hitter too.

Free Agent Signings: Bring back Lucas Duda at $6.75 million arbitration salary and re- sign Loney at one year $1.5 million. Now your set all throughout your IF starter and depth wise - don't forget Ahmed Rosario and Dominic Smith will be up this year as well. You still have Flores, Walker, Reyes, TJ Rivera and Asdrubal. Plenty of depth here.

Now you you need to strengthen the bullpen so sign free agents (a) Mark Melancon - 3 years/ $36 million total (b) Drew Storen 1 year /$2.5 million (c) Boone Logan 2 years/ $13 million total. If Fernando Salas is willing to come back on a one year $6 million deal do that as well.

Outfield Depth: We have Conforto still who can be a budding superstar for all we know in 2017. Since we traded away Lagares and Nimmo, we can sign Angel Pagan at one year $8 million. (Welcome back!)

Catcher: Trade Matt Reyonalds and Luis Carpio to the Mariners for Mike Zunino. Platoon Zunino with Renee Rivera.

Your Starting Lineup in 2017:

(1) Reyes - 3B

(2) Cabrera - SS

(3) McCutchen - CF

(4) Cespedes - LF

(5) Walker - 2B

(6) J.D. Martinez - RF

(7) Duda - 1B

(8) Zunino - C

(9) Pitcher

Rotation: (1) Syndergaard. (2) de Grom (3) Archer (4) Matz (5) Gsellman

Bullpen: Familia, Reed, Melancon, Logan, Storen, Salas

Bench: Conforto, Pagan, La Stella, Renee Rivera, Flores, Loney

Total Payroll: $142.3 million

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