AAOP - What do you Meme?

When I first thought of AAOP - I wanted to try without Cespedes, let's see if I stick to that? First draft had me trading for with Braun - since he makes AAV 20 mil and it is a front loaded contract. But I got cold feet on that idea. So without further ado, my final product at this years Internet GM contest;


Okay I gave in - Let's bring Cespedes back 4 yr 110 mil. We need this - plain and simple.


Notes - He's not going to get a higher AAV. It also allows him to decide if he wants another contract. He'll be young enough to get another 2-3 yr at 10-20 mil contract. He won't hold up money when we need to pay Thor.

Other AAOP's are going to try and replace Cespedes with another good outfielder - I suggest


Adam Jones has 2/33 left (16mil then 17 mil) and is my trade target. Baltimore would have no depth in the outfield if they moved Jones - but I think they are going to target Fowler for center anyway. We in return would get a capable (read: not good) center fielder. I'm not concerned with the off year and the two years remaining really doesn't prevent positive timeline from Wuilmer Becerra.

Baltimore receives - Michael Conforto, Gavin Cecchini, Kevin Plawecki and Luis Carpio

New York receives - Adam Jones

Notes - Other than Baltimore salivating at Conforto. They receive prospect depth at catching and infield.


Addison Reed - bye bye. Look I traded Conforto, now Reed. I'm trying to make you cry. I like Reed, but money needs to be other places. Speaking of money needing to be other places, newly accepted QO Neil Walker is included in this trade. [edited: for insulting myself, sorry for the pain I've caused you readers] San Francisco has no problem with a high payroll around 170mil and we all know they need bullpen help.

San Francisco receives - Addison Reed and Neil Walker

New York receives - Joe Panik, Sam Coonrod and Heath Quinn

Notes - San Francisco loses long term stability at second but gains a border line all star one year replacement. They give up a top pitching prospect and mid tier outfield prospect for Reed but we've seen bullpen go at heavy prices over the last 3 years regardless of their control. Panik regression includes a .100 point drop in BABIP with no out liner drop except 5~% in Line Drive/Hard Contact/Opposite Field. Could it be contributed to his concussion? I think so.


Dilson Herrera was taken away needlessly just like Harambe's life (RIP) . To make up for his error, I move Bruce for something of value. Something to win back the crowd. SAMBA. St Louis need a left fielder and they have devil magic to transform Bruce into Cespedes.

St Louis receives - Jay Bruce

New York receives - Matthew Bowman

Notes - None needed


Andrew Cashner comes in with some convincing. He averages 3~ + mph out of the bullpen and has had a great hard slider that could use some Warthen advice. He hasn't lived up to his starter role and might be open to a long man/swing man position. Also in the deal, we will have to allow him to grow his facial hair however he wants since that is a big issue for him. 1 yr 8 mil as per MLBTR.


His folktale can now expand as Big Sexy is gone. A fair 2 yr 10 mil. I have full faith his arm can handle the Terry abuses.

Let me add in - Cashner does not deserve 3 mil more Blevins, but with his ability to start he could still fetch more on the free agent market.Plus that's what MLBTR says and we base most salaries off that site it would be unfair to reduce it.


Fernando Salas was a good fit in the bullpen, I believe our coaches helped him with a resurgence and I am willing to bet 2 yr 6 mil on it.


On June 27th, the Mets will trade Paul Sewald and Scarlyn Reyes to the Braves for Kelly Johnson, due to

a) Wright being injured

b) Reyes being injured

c) Panik continuing to regress

d) All of the above

Okay time for the math


Name Salary
Travis d’Arnaud 1.7
Lucas Duda 6.7
Joe Panik 0.5
Asdrubal Cabrera 8.2
David Wright 20
Yoenis Céspedes 27.5
Adam Jones 16
Curtis Granderson 15
Total 95.6

Name Salary
Rene Rivera 2.2
Wilmer Flores 1.9
Jose Reyes 0.5
Juan Lagares 4.5
Brandon Nimmo 0.5
Total 9.6

Notes - Infield almost plays to a perfect platoon. Wilmer and Reyes can jump in at first and second against lefties. While rotating at third and short to provide rest days. Nimmo would act as the 4th outfielder. All three starters could benefit from regular rest days. Last season we had four outfielders (Cespedes/Granderson/Conforto/De Aza) with 100+ games, Lagares with 79 games and Bruce with 50 games. That is not including 87 more appearances thru depth players (Ty Kelly/Nimmo/Ruggiano/Kelly Johnson). Nimmo won't benefit from sitting in Vegas and there is a ton of time to play in the majors. Although Lagares would still pull tough lefties, sliding Jones over to right.

Name Salary
Matt Harvey 5.2
Noah Syndergaard 0.5
Jacob DeGrom 0.5
Steven Matz 0.5
ZacK Wheeler 1
Total 7.7

Notes - I hate seeing negative things about Wheeler. Some pitchers need more time. We are so prone to our medical staff failing us, we forget DeGrom, Matz and even Fulmer rehabbed successfully with us. If there was structural damage when he was rehabbing they would of addressed another surgery as soon as possible. I'm counting on the five aces. But Gsellman/Lugo./Montero/Gilmartin/Ynoa were not traded and Cashner/Coonrod could jump in as well.

Name Salary
Jeurys Familia 8.7
Andrew Cashner 8
Jerry Blevins 5
Fernando Salas 3
Matt Bowman 0.5
Hansel Robles 0.5
Josh Smoker 0.5
Total 26.2

Notes - I am expecting big step up for Robles and Smoker. If Familia misses time, Erik Goeddel could be brought up. Salas, Robles or Blevins can get some of those save stats.

Area Salary
Starting Lineup 95.6
Bench 9.6
Starting Rotation 7.7
Bullpen 26.2
Total 139.1

40 Man Roster Spot Names
1 Ty Kelly
2 Rivera
3 Reynolds
4 Gsellman
5 Lugo
6 Montero
7 Gilmartin
8 Ynoa
9 Goeddel
10 Rosario
11 Stuart
12 Molina
13 Flexen
14 Knapp
15 Sewald

Notes - Two prospects acquired are not eligible for Rule V yet. Too much invested in Champ to let him go picked. Too high of an upside for Flexen/Molina. Knapp/Sewald because we have a full 25 so we should protect as many as you can. Still no Bucerra because his injury and distance from majors. If you didn't catch on I non-tendered Edgin.


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