If you choose my AAOP, we're going to Make the Mets Amazing Again. We're going to win so much, you're going to get tired of us winning. You're actually going to say, we're winning too much, that's how much we're going to win. How are we going to do it? Leadership. This Wilpon guy, he's been in charge for 30 years, and look what he's done? You really want more of him. He's been a total failure for 30 years. We should lock him up, that's how big a failure he's been. He signed the Jay Bruce deal - its the worst deal in the history of our franchise. The worst. It's a win-killer. This Bruce deal, it took all of your wins and shipped them off to Cincinnati. The first thing we're going to do, we're going to rip up the Jay Bruce deal. The Reds, they send us too many players. They're not sending us their best players. They're sending us error-machines, strikeout machines, we need to send them back. We're going to send Jay Bruce back to Cincinnati, and we're going to Make the Mets Amazing Again. Wilpon, he wanted to make the Heyward deal. He called Heyward the Gold Standard. Can you believe it? He actually said it, Heyward is the Gold Standard of outfielders. Heyward is an absolute disaster. He's the worst owner ever, Wilpon. The worst. Every other owner out there, they talk about how terrible he is, what a weak leader he is. That's why you need to choose my AAOP, so we can win again.

Next thing, we're going to defeat STENOSIS. Wilpon, he created STENOSIS. There was no STENOSIS, he overplayed David Wright, brought him back too soon, he created a vaccuum in David's back, all of sudden, there's STENOSIS. Wilpon, he won't even say the words STENOSIS. I will make it my number one priority to get rid of STENOSIS. Ray Ramirez got us into STENOSIS, he can't get us out of STENOSIS That's why we need my AAOP, and not 30 more years of the Wilpons I will wipe out STENOSIS. And we will win again, we're going to win so much.

How is my AAOP going to Make the Mets Amazing Again? I'm a dealmaker, I'm going to make great deals. Great deals. Cashman, I don't know Cashman. He says nice things about me, that's great, if me and Cashman could get along, would that be so bad? If we could make a deal instead of Wilpon trying to fight Cashman all the time, then fine, I'll work with Cashman. But I don't know Cashman. I hear he's a great leader. Cashman is out there fighting STENOSIS, Wilpon created STENOSIS. Wilpon is the worst leader in the history of the universe. If you select my AAOP, I will appoint a special prosecutor to investigate all of Wilpon's terrible deals.

We're going to build the great wall of Flushing. The Wilpons, they had this big beautiful wall out there in left field, it was fantastic, no home runs got over. They took it down, can you believe it? They took it down. We're going to rebuild that wall, maybe a fence in some places, maybe a wall in other places, but we're going to build it, we're going to secure our fly balls.

Also, these minor league teams, they don't pay their share. We've been supporting them for too long, we take care of them, they don't pay. They're going to pay their fair share, believe me, they'll pay.

If you select my AAOP, we can Make the Mets Amazing Again.

If you're reading this far, it means this post hasn't been taken down (yet). I apologize if anyone was offended by this post. That's one of those non-apology apologies. It means that I do recognize why there's a ban on politix, and why we need a space to just talk baseball - but I enjoyed writing this post, and it was quite cathartic, so I'm not really that sorry.

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