AAOP: The Year that it all Clicks and Comes Together

This year is the year that I truly believe this team could go all the way and bring a World Championship back to Queens. Before that happens a few things need to be addressed. Below will detail what I believe the Mets should do in order to contend for 2017 and for the years to come.

Notable Free Agents:

Bartolo Colon, Neil Walker, Yoenis Cespedes, Alejandro DeAza, Jon Niese, Jerry Blevins, Fernando Salas, Kelly Johnson, Rene Rivera


Duda---> $6.725M

Rivera---> $2.2M

Harvey---> $5.325M

Reed---> $10.6M

Familia---> $8.7M

Wheeler---> $1.0M

Edgin---> $800k

d’Arnaud---> $1.7M

deGrom---> $4.225M

Flores---> $1.9M

Those who will not return:

deAza, Ruggiano, Loney, Jon Niese, Fernando Salas, and Kelly Johnson

Free Agent Signings:

Signing #1

Yoenis Cespedes---> 4 years at $100 Million with a vesting option for a fifth year. The breakdown is $25M per year and the vesting option is worth $22M. The fifth year option vests if he meets certain criteria. In this case his option will vest if he hits 25 homeruns or more and does not finish the season on the disabled list. This is key because it keeps him motivated and protects the Mets in case he has injury concerns down the road. In addition, he gets a no trade clause and a bunch of incentives including MVP finishes.

Signing #2

Jerry Blevins---> 2 year at $6 Million. He was extremely effective before he got hurt in 2015 and was very good out of the pen last year.


Trade #1

Mets Get: Reese Mcguire

Blue Jays Get: Jay Bruce

This gives the blue jays a bona fide DH or OF to replace Bautista and Encarnacion and Bruce who is a FA after the 2017 season so they could sell him at the deadline or give him a QO and get a draft pick. For the Mets, they get a very good defensive catcher whose bat is catching up more and more each year. He throws out around 35-40% of base stealers which was a major issue for this team and scouts have said he could be a perennial gold glove catcher. Now he is still only 21 years old and would probably need at least half a year in AAA which would mean at least half a year of mix matching catchers but in my opinion it will be worth the wait. In my opinion have a catcher that is better defensively than offensively would be better for this team because of the rotation they have and it was clearly seen last year that not being able to throw out runners was an achilles heel for this team especially when Noah was on the mound.

Trade #2

Mets Get: Paul Goldschmidt

Diamondback Get: Dom Smith, Lucas Duda, Luis Carpio, Robert Gsellman or Gabriel Ynoa (their choice)

Now before you start screaming let me explain. So Arizona just overhauled their front office and coaching staff. Their farm system is average and need to look more toward the future. Just so we are all aware there has been no chatter about the dbacks trading Goldschmidt but they may entertain offers. If that becomes the case then the Mets should pounce on the opportunity. We are all aware of Paul Goldschmidt’s accomplishments and capabilities. He has an extremely team friendly contract making $34.5M over the next 3 years. So for the sake of argument let’s say that this could happen. The dbacks are going to need a first baseman for the future and a top prospect in return so that is where Dominic Smith comes in. He is the number 2 prospect in the organization and has an incredible ceiling. The only problem is he is not ready to start on Opening Day and that is where Lucas Duda comes in. Duda can hold down the fort until Smith is ready and Duda can be sold at the deadline for a prospect. In addition, the power would not be missed due to Duda being a 30 homerun a year hitter. Luis Carpio is a 19 year old kid that plays SS and 2B and has a very bright future according to some scouts and could be a part of the dbacks future moving forward. The last piece of the trade is the dbacks choice of Gsellman or Ynoa but honestly if both needed to be included to make this happen I would do it but the theory behind these two is that they are pitchers that fit well in Chase Field and could be big assets to the dbacks rotation or bullpen.

The 2016 NY Mets Roster:

Starting Pitchers:

Harvey---> $5.325M

deGrom---> $4.225M

Thor---> $.550M

Matz---> $.550M

Wheeler---> $1.0M

The Lineup:

RF: Granderson---> $16M

SS: Cabrera---> $8.25M

LF: Cespedes---> $25M

1B: Goldschmidt--->$8.870M

2B: Walker---> $17.5M

3B: Wright---> $20M

CF: Conforto---> $.525M

C: d’Arnaud---> $1.9M


Familia---> $8.7M

Reed---> $10.6M


Blevins---> $3M

Robles---> $.550M

Edgin---> $0.8M



Rene Rivera---> $2.2M

T. J Rivera---> $0.5M

Lagares---> $4.5M

Reyes---> $0.5M

Nimmo---> $.550M

Total Payroll: $142.76M

I know it is $2M over but hopefully that is not too much of a problem.

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