AAOP: Let's end this at 31 Years

2015 was great. Unexpected World Series run, young players coming through the system, veteran contributions, just a great mix. 2016? Weird. Players regressed, injuries killed the team, and yet, despite it all, they got to the 9th inning of the NL Wild Card game tied 0-0 against the man, the myth, the legend, Madison Baumgarner, and I'm sure if you'd ask the Cubs, they'd tell you how happy they were to not have to face the Mets in the NLDS.

That being said, there's some work to be done to bring this team back to the World Series, and this time, win it. Realistically, if they bring back the same team (make that read: Cespedes and everyone else) and everyone stays healthy, they are a World Series contender. However, that's a lot to rely on and would make for an awfully boring AAOP. So here goes:


Yoenis Cespedes- 5 years $130 million (24, 25, 26, 27, 28)

Kelly Johnson- 1 year, $4 million

Jerry Blevins- 2 years, $10 million


Josh Edgin


Lucas Duda, Jay Bruce, Travis d'Arnaud, and Marcos Molina to Texas in exchange for Jonathan Lucroy and Jeremy Jeffress

Why it makes sense for the Rangers: Texas is losing their first baseman, 2 outfielders, and their DH. Duda and Bruce are two power hitters who could easily go for 30+ home runs in Texas and will fill two of those slots. I don't think that the rest of MLB has completely given up on d'Arnaud, and Molina is potentially a mid-rotation starter for a team that can use pitching. As for the salaries, while Texas does take on more salary than it loses, it all comes off the books after this year, and 30 homers for Duda at $6.7 million is a nice bargain.

Why it makes sense for the Mets: A reliable catcher and a very good bullpen arm-especially with Familia's looming suspensuion, plus saving $13 million. Need I say more?

With all that wheeling and dealing done, here's where the payroll is holding:

Position Player 2017 Salary 2018 Salary
SP Noah Syndergaard $0.55 Million A1
SP Jacob deGrom $4.50 Million A2
SP Matt Harvey $5.20 Million A3
SP Steven Matz $0.55 Million $0.55 Million
SP Zach Wheeler $1.00 Million A2
RP Robert Gsellman $0.55 Million $0.55 Million
RP Jerry Blevins $5.00 Million $5.00 Million
RP Josh Smoker $0.55 Million $0.55 Million
RP Addison Reed $10.60 Million FA
RP Jeremy Jeffress $2.90 Million A2
RP Hansel Robles $0.55 Million A1
CP Jeurys Familia* $6.60 Million A3
C Jonathan Lucroy $5.25 Million FA
C Rene Rivera $2.20 Million FA
1B Michael Conforto $0.55 Million $0.55 Million
2B Neil Walker $17.20 Million FA
3B David Wright $20.00 Million $20.00 Million
SS Asdrubal Cabrera $8.25 Million $2.00 Million
IF Jose Reyes $0.50 Million FA
IF Wilmer Flores $1.90 Million A2
LF Yoenis Cespedes $24.00 Million $25.00 Million
CF Juan Lagares $4.50 Million $6.50 Million
RF Curtis Granderson $15.00 Million FA
OF Brandon Nimmo $0.55 Million $0.55 Million
OF Kelly Johnson $4.00 Million FA
Total $142.45 Million $61.25 Million
*2017 salary assumes 40 game suspension and loss of 25% of salary

I think $2.45 million over should be feasible for the Wilpons this year, especially if they can make the playoffs again. This roster gives Terry a decent bullpen even if Familia misses some time in the beginning (I think 40 games, but you still have Robles, Jeffress, Reed to close out games), and once he's back, Jeffress to Reed to Familia with that rotation is a great recipe for success. The lineup is very deep:

Everyday Lineup
1 Juan Lagares/Brandon Nimmo CF
2 Asdrubal Cabrera SS
3 Yoenis Cespedes LF
4 Curtis Granderson RF
5 Jonathan Lucroy C
6 Neil Walker 2B
7 David Wright 3B
8 Michael Conforto/Wilmer Flores 1B

even if Wright is injured:

Lineup If (When?) Wright gets Injured
1 Jose Reyes 3B
2 Asdrubal Cabrera SS
3 Yoenis Cespedes LF
4 Curtis Granderson RF
5 Jonathan Lucroy C
6 Neil Walker 2B
7 Michael Conforto/Wilmer Flores 1B
8 Juan Lagares/Brandon Nimmo CF

So there you have it. My first Amazin' Avenue post and my first AAOP, all in one. Not too radical except for the big trade with Texas. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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