AAOP: Making The Mets Great Again


"Last year we had a lot of injuries and Obama was president. Not a coincidence."


  • Yoenis Cespedes 4 years, $115M, 5th year option - he changes the entire lineup with his presence, he's a GG left fielder, he's proven he can get big hits in NY, and we're locking him down during the key WS window without paying for too many non-prime years. Makes too much sense not to bring him back since he's said he wants to return.
  • Jerry Blevins 2 years, $10M - Sandy will wait out the market and he'll take slightly less to come back
  • Kelly Johnson 1 year $2M - late signing to fill out bench

  • Jay Bruce + Hansel Robles for Nate Jones - need a late inning reliever to take the load off Reed + Familia and in addition to being a stud, Jones has a great contract. Also considered the Baltimore guys since it's likely they have a more obvious need for Bruce if Trumbo leaves.
  • Seth Lugo for Jake McGee - Rox get a younger, cheaper player. Mets get a good buy low guy.



"Bullpen gets infinitely deeper and hopefully at least 4 of the starters can make it to October healthy. Lineup will still be pretty streaky but at least we have some kids who showed they can step in if necessary (Nimmo, TJ, Cecchini). I'd seriously consider keeping the 3 pitchers coming off fresh surgeries in extended ST for a month or more. Wright is not mentioned because he's a loser who can't stay healthy. Granderson plays CF because he looked good there last year and Lagares can give him regular rest since he's old and losing stamina. Duda is yuge loser, which is why I tried to get rid of him last year and resign Murphy, but everyone here laughed at me. Whose laughing now? Unfortunately I don't think there's a good alternative so hopefully he's decent enough until Dominic Smith proves to be a winner. TJ Rivera should get some reps in the OF. No need to worry about payroll, leverage is a good thing."

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