AAOP: To Serve Fan

As my entry into the AAOP has come near the deadline, I've had opportunity to read quite a few of them. Almost all are well written and have indications that there was thought and research put into them.

That said, I didn't read one that I really enjoyed. I ruled out things going on in my life outside of baseball fandom were causing me to feel that way, there was something that just didn't do it for me and then it hit me.


Those of you whom have read fanfiction, particularly Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Twilight, Hunger Games, Game of Thrones will see what I mean. Fanfiction just lacks the feel of the original even though there are some who are talented writers. Probably the biggest reason is that the characters and settings of the original novels, tv shows, or movies were the product of the minds of the creators, and those who professionally write episodes or sequels have an extensive character profile available to them that are not available to outside writers. To get the right feel and make the fanfiction work would require reading the minds of the creators. There's a good reason there's no fanfiction section of most bookstores, and if those who browse there wear dark glasses, raincoats, and a big hat.

The AAOP's cannot read the minds of the Mets front office no less the minds of 29 other front offices. The writers create a script that while not trying to read Sandy Alderson's mind, assume they know the wants of the other 29 front offices. They cannot read the minds nor do they have the extensive profiles on over 5,000 major and minor league players. The "why San Diego makes this trade" presentations would probably make amusing reading for A.J. Preller and his staff.

However I may feel about the fanfiction nature of the AAOP, it is what it is and when on Romulus, do what the Romulans do and throw my fanfic into the pile.

I am in a strange place, Rod Serling narrates as I find myself inexplicably in the profession of Mets GM, and now that it's Sunday evening, I have TIME now...



It's mid-November, the ballparks filled with fans with their vicarious hopes resting on the efforts of nine professional athletes have gone quiet, the grass turned from green to a dull brown. But while many turn their attentions to the gridirons or to the coming holidays, the engineers of pennant dreams toil in offices not seen by cheering fans, pouring over scouting reports, payrolls, deals, and rumors of deals.

However, there is a new engineer in the hopes of the faithful fans, one K.B. DaBear. A neophyte with little grasp of Collective Bargaining agreements or Analytics will attempt to build the team that will pop the champaign in October. You see, K.B. DaBear has just been appointed the general manager of the New York Mets in...

The Twilight Zone...

Beginning with the catching position, I really don't see a lot of options in the free agent or trade market. The Good Ship Lucroy has sailed, and what the Astros gave up for 33 year old Brian McCann made me seasick. You might say Matt Wieters could be the answer, and I say his injury history is as ugly as TdA's and he's 3 years older. I am sticking with TdA because he's only 27 and we've seen him hit, we just have to hope that our Little Catcher Lost gets pulled out of that dimension where he's unable to find the stroke that put baseballs over fences.


First base will see the return of our Smasher, hopefully with a back in better condition than the man who hopes to sail throws across the infield to him. In the event that his back proves balky, Wilmer and Conforto can provide cromulent if not Anthony Rizzo level production.

Second base has been set with the return of Neil Walker, and shortstop is for the first time since the first departure of Jose Reyes in good hands, however long he holds the place of Amed Rosario. Speaking of Rosario, I will not under any circumstances trade him lest we find ourselves in a year or two spitballing trades of our starting rotation for Gleyber Torres or Ozzie Albies. I don't want to be on that train that keeps making a Stopover at Shortstop Avenue.

At third base, the Sure Things in the Universe are Death, Taxes, and David Wright on the 60 day disabled list. I admire The Captain for his determination to be on the field on opening day, but where there's a will there's a deteriorating spinal column. We do have backup in place from the beginning this year, and I don't see at this time a reason to extend ourselves financially or in personnel to acquire what third basemen are on the market.

It would be tempting to bring back Ginger on a free agent contract for his newfound strength and continued versatility, but I can't account for what turned a journeyman utility infielder into a slugging all-star other than aliens turning him into Mister Turner The Strong


Now I turn my attention to the outfield. The first part is easily said, maybe not easily done;


Five Outfielders in Search of an Exit


Once Cespedes is back in the fold, what do we do with the other five outfielders, 4 of them who bat lefthanded, none who combine strong defense with regular offense?

I refuse to move Conforto and Nimmo on the grounds that Grandyman has 1 year left, Bruce should he not be dealt also has one year and a known aversion to staying here. Outfielder prospects projected to play in a year or two at a high level can be counted on one hand with a few fingers left over.

Much as I hate to join the torch wielding mob chasing Jay Bruce out of town, there is no fit here if Yo stays, even for one year.

Even though I usualluy read that Bruce should be traded away for any homo sapiens with a pulse, our view of him is shaded by a fan base who hated the trade that brought anyone but Lucroy here and 5 weeks of futile attempts to hit baseballs. However, Jay Bruce is still well regarded by many other organizations and I believe we can get value for him. I'm not suggesting we can get Aaron Sanchez for him or a few prized Dodger prospects, but I believe we can get prospects similar in value to what we gave up in July. It would be like the trade never happened!

Remember, talent is in The Eye of the Beholder


Now I move to the bench. Wilmer, Jose are fine with me, and Kelly Johnson should be brought back so we don't keep finding ourselves picking him up every mid season....


Until such a time when I can look at a man's face and see who's next to be injured, I'll accept what we have until budgets and good replacements on the farm give us the luxury that the Cardinals have of laughing in the face of the Injury Gods


Now to the Pitching, starting with the rotation

A finely crafted quintet of elite arms, a rotation that could be even better than Doc, Ronnie, Sid, Cone, and Bobby

It's fantastic if you can actually have a Justice League of Super Pitchers ready to battle evil, but we have to deal with the possibility that just like last year, we're William Shatner on the plane watching a gremlin tear very important pieces off the wings.


Fortunately we do have some redundancy built in even with the departure of Big Sexy. We go into 2017 with Gsellman and Lugo as contingencies, much better than Verrett, Gilmartin, or Montero. Don't give up on the first two either, we know they can pitch very well, there's boxscores from 2015 proving they could throw baseballs in a very competent manner.

I won't go looking for bargain basement journeymen to stash away in Vegas, it's not like they're going to sign for a club that has lots of pitching, and these guys sign with the idea of getting back to The Show to stay a while longer.

It's the bullpen where we have to go looking for those journeymen who hope a minor league contract keeps their foot in the door, as we've seen that even in a good year for free agent relievers, Jerry Blevins is going to cost more than our budget will justify it. If we're going to blow a hole in the budget ceiling again, do it for Kenley Jansen. Wade Davis might be available in trade, but trading high level prospects for a reliever scares me more than signing one to a big 4 year contract, and we've got some sort of jinx on free agent relievers. Remember how much we wanted Antonio Bastardo last winter? Almost as much as we did not want him last summer. Then there are the legions of doom like A-Tor, Franky, Rauch... you get the idea

If Blevins is too rich for our blood, Salas may be too. Greg Holland could be a comeback story at a great price or more likely be 2015 Bobby Parnell who cannot be underpriced.

In my fanfiction GM world, I can't lose. Every time I reach into the bag a priceless gift comes out...


So, all your worries are over, because my mission is To Serve Fan....


A fan's fantasy, where every trade works, no one gets hurt, and the in the gentle winds of autumn fly the flag that shall fly forever marking 2017 as the third time in their history that the New York Mets were the champions of all of baseball in The Twilight Zone...

And when you encounter Mets GM K.B. DaBear, think only good thought of his AAOP, for this GM can read minds.

And if you should tell him his work is garbage?



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