AAOP: Wright's Year-Long Retirement Party

I'm kinda upset that I didn't make this more flashy, but in the end I think these moves make sense and are the most realistic. I wanted Jose Abreu in a trade, but then I remember his poor defense and inconsistency. I wanted Miguel Cabrera, but I don't want his contract. I wanted Brian McCann, but it would be slightly premature to give up on D'Arnaud like that. I want Greg Holland, but the reliever market might be out of control this year. I want Ian Desmond for his versatility and Fowler for his high OBP, but I don't want to lose a draft pick for it. I thought about all of this for awhile, and this is going to be an offseason of few moves (but hopefully highly effective ones).

Sorry for the lack of memes and such, but hopefully the narrative is enticing enough. Enjoy!

1) Non-tender Rene Rivera and Josh Edgin, Sign Jeff Mathis to 1 year deal for $1.6 mil.

Rivera was a great help last year, but I thought some of his defense wasn't as good as advertised. He wasn't mobile behind the plate and he often had terrible at bats. I was reading an article about Mathis recently and scouts and coaches rave about Mathis' ability to call a game. Having 4 catchers on the 40 man is rare, but with D'Arnaud's injury troubles, it seems necessary.

"Noah, Jeff, Jeff, Noah, I think you guys will get along."

2) Resign Kelly Johnson to 1 year deal for $2.8 mil.

Jokes aside of Sandy trading for him again, the Mets actually need KJ. His versatility is invaluable for an infield that has three bad backs. Also, he just seems to hit better in NY for some reason.

*Now at this point, we will be approaching the winter meetings and Sandy will sit down with Fred and Jeff. Sandy will hear that the budget will not be as big as he hoped, so he is going to have to clear some space before he discusses a contract with Yo's agents.

3) Trade Jay Bruce to BAL for Brad Brach and Jomar Reyes.

Bruce told the media he wasn't really happy with landing in NY at the trading deadline. He has a 0% chance of being a Met next year. Brach is a NJ kid who has gotten better every season. He can be a dominant late inning reliever. Reyes is a young 3B prospect with high upside. And BAL is happy because they have another all or nothing bat.

4) Trade Curtis Granderson and cash considerations ($4 mil) to KC for Jarrod Dyson and Matt Strahm.

I love Curtis Granderson. I want my future child to be like Curtis Granderson. Deep down I want him to be apart of this team in his walk year. But because Walker accepted the QO and in order to complete step 5, trading Granderson will most likely have to happen. The Royals have their entire offense in their walk year (Hosmer, Moustakis, Cain, Escobar and Wade Davis). Granderson is a big upgrade for them in RF, or he can DH. The Royals are going to go for it, and if they struggle by the deadline, they are going to sell everybody so they would be very attracted to getting another walk year player. Dyson is a low key 3 WAR player and gives the Mets a true center fielder and a guy who can steal 25 bases. WOW! TEAM SPEED! Strahm is a LHRP, and has a bright future ahead of him.

5) BRING BACK THE KING!!! Resign Yoenis Cespedes to a 4 year deal of $110 million ($29.5, $27.5, $27.5, $25.5) with a team option of $23.5 million and a buyout of $8 million.

Not much needs to be said. Everyone needs a little more Lion King in their life. Plus this relationship just needs to continue. Spend the money and don't sign another FA that isn't as good as Yo and lose a draft pick. That's just stupid.

6) David Wright announces that he will retire after the season.

The Captain has a meeting with his doctor(s) in the beginning of December. I think with both his neck and back, he is going to give it his all for one more season. The FO and Wright will settle on a buyout of his contract. David Wright is my favorite Met of all time and I'm not rooting for this to happen, but I think this is it for him.

7) Resign Jerry Blevins to a 2 year deal for $12 million.

Basically the same contract Bastardo got, but we know Blevins can pitch well in NY. I think the RP market will drive the prices up (especially on LH relievers) but Blevins is on the wrong side of 30 and I think he'll want to come back on a slight hometown discount. He proved he is more than a LOOGY, so this signing is worth it for 2 years.

8) Sign Mat Latos, Peter Bourjos to minor league contracts.

Dan Worthen and Frank Viola are phenomenal in turning about anyone into an above average or elite MLB pitcher. Latos is still young, and I think he can learn from them and rebound. Bourjos helps with that whole RH OF thing.

9) Zach Wheeler starts the year in the pen. In spring training, Conforto gets reps at 1B. Reyes gets reps in CF. Cecchini moves to 2B full-time. TJ Rivera gets reps at 3B and the OF.

This team has the pieces. There is a ton of organizational depth, but there just needs to be some reworking. Wheeler hasn't pitched in two years. Ease him back into it. The rest just adds depth in case the team catches the black plague again and everyone goes down.

Finances (in millions) with projected salaries: $123.9 - $3 + $1.6 + $2.8 - $10.1 - $8 + $29.5 + $6 = $142.7 million

*if you really want to keep it under $140, just don't bring back KJ and promote Nimmo

Against RHP: 3B Jose Reyes, SS Asdrubal Cabrera, LF Yoenis Cespedes, 1B Lucas Duda, 2B Neil Walker, RF Michael Conforto, C Travis D'Arnaud, CF Jarrod Dyson
Bench: UT Kelly Johnson, 1B/2B Wilmer Flores, 3B David Wright, CF Juan Lagares, C Jeff Mathis
Against LHP: CF Juan Lagares, SS Asdrubal Cabrera, LF Yoenis Cespedes, 1B Wilmer Flores, 3B David Wright, 2B Neil Walker, C Travis D'Arnaud, RF Michael Conforto
Bench: UT Kelly Johnson, 1B Lucas Duda, 3B David Wright, OF Jarrod Dyson, C Jeff Mathis

Starting Rotation: Noah Syndergaard, Jacob DeGrom, Matt Harvey, Steven Matz, Robert Gsellman

Bullpen: LR Zach Wheeler LR Seth Lugo LR Hansel Robles MR Matt Strahm (L) MR Jerry Blevins (L) SU Brad Brach CL Addison Reed ... (everyone moves down a slot when Familia returns from suspension)

Waiting in the wings: TJ Rivera, Brandon Nimmo, Gavin Cecchini, Kevin Plawecki, Josh Smoker, Logan Verrett, Gabriel Ynoa, Mat Latos, Peter Bourjos, Tomas Nido, Matt Reynolds, Amed Rosario

Best pitching in baseball. More speed. Better defense. Hopefully less injuries.

2017 World Series Champions. Do it for David and Terry.

*Drops mic*

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