Allright here goes, no videos,. no charts and graphs

after season ended 40 man roster was full , following 7 declared free angency, colon, Blevins, deaza, loney, salas, cespedes, Johnson , id be interested in all except deaza

that leaves 33, now activate the 6 guys from 60 dl- Harvey, wheeler, niese, walker, wright, ruggiano

back to 39- than to 38 when walker declares free angency

now no brainers pick up option on reyes for 500,000, bruce 13 million, drop niese for 500,000 buyout

now roster is at 37, then to make room for future spots- drop Henderson, Campbell, ruggiano, and ty Kelly , all of which id try to resign to minor league contracts and non roster invites to spring training, but as of this date Campbell already left for japan

that leaves 33, 7 spots open, need to protect guys from rule 5 draft , ill assume mets front office in real know what they are doing and ill promote the same 5 guys , all listed on mets top 30 prospect list -Rosario-1, becera-7, Molina-11, nido-19, flexen-29

now I'm at 38, make it 39 walker accepts qualifying off for 17.2 million , it would not have upset if he declined I then would have tried to get either kinsler from the tigers or dozier from the twins

now as of this date everything listed has really happened except ty Kelly is still on 40 man roster

now instead of fast fordwarding to june and trading an a ball pitcher for him, I cut to the chase an resign Kelly Johnson now for 1 year at 2.5 mill. that's a .5 mill raise from last year, hes an important piece off the bench and in clubhouse

now stop fooling around and pay cespedes so he doesn't end up in philly , Washington or even worse the Bronx, give him 4 years 112, $28 mill a year

that's puts me at 41 , I over limit so I tender a contract to everybody except rene rivera, I like him but not as a backup catcher making 2.2 million, ill try to get him at a cheaper minor league contract later

no heres where mets stand at this point 40 man roster is full and payroll is as follows

duda-6.7, walker-17.2, Cabrera-8.2, wright-20 52 mill for the IF

cespedes -28, granderson-15, bruce-13 56 mill for the OF

d'arnaud- 1.7 1.7 mill for the C


bench- Johnson 2.5, reyes- .5, flores-1.9, plawecki-.5, conforto- .5, lagares- 4.5 = 10.5 million dollar bench

SP- syndergaard-.5, degrom, 4.5, Harvey, 5.2, matz- .5 , wheeler -1 = 11.7 mill rotation

BP- familia- 8.7, reed-10.6, robles, .5, edgin- .8, smoker-.5, verett - .5 = 22 mill bullpen

that puts me at $154 million for the 25 man roster, I'm over by 14 mill and that's not incuding the others on 40 man who did not make team, gilmartin, goedell, Montero, gsellman, lugo, ynoa, tj rivera, Reynolds, nimmo, cechhini, plus 5 guys added to proctect from rule 5 that's that's another 5-6 mill so I have $160 million dollar payroll and I cant start season with that bullpen

how about trade jay bruce to red sox for c-of blake swihart and an A-ball pitching prospect

that takes away 13 mill from payroll, put conforto in rf, make swihart ( switch hitter) platoon with d'arnaud(rh)

payroll at 141 for 25 man, 147 for 40 man

resign Blevins at 2 years 12 mill so add 6 mill to payroll now at 147 for 25 man, 153 for 40 man, to make room on 40 man roster I try to trade 2 of the 4 following players edgin , Montero, verett, goedell for whatever I can get that gives me 2 spots open and saves me around 1.5 mill

trade lucas duda to Colorado rockies for 2 prospects, free up 1b for conforto move lagares to cf, or have flores play some, if basicly leaves 1b open for a number of people and saves 6.7 mill on payroll, that puts me around 140 million


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