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Gary Cohen re-signs as Mets’ play-by-play announcer

It’s outta here! Outta here!


In January, Keith Hernandez re-signed with SNY to continue his color commentary during Mets games alongside Gary Cohen and Ron Darling. Now the trio will stay intact a while longer since Gary Cohen just renewed his contract to continue doing the play-by-play during Mets broadcasts. The exact details of the contract are unknown except that it is a multi-year deal.

This is obviously great news for fans who have been listening to Cohen call games since 1989. He started out with the Mets calling games in the WFAN radio booth until 2006. He then made the jump to television when SNY was just starting out and the Gary, Keith, and Ron dynamic was born. Earlier this month, Cohen’s excellence was recognized when he was nominated for the Ford C. Frick Award.

Cohen had some memorable calls this past season, starting with the awestruck:

The rarefied double “outta here” call:

And he guided viewers through an emotional night while getting emotional himself:

Gary, Keith, and Ron are among the many reasons to tune into a Mets game, and they are considered to be one of the best broadcasting crews in the business. Their honesty, spontaneity, knowledge, and chemistry can make even a 10-0 blowout loss a little more palatable.