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AAOP: The semi-finalists

You’ve chosen the semi-finalists for this year’s AAOP contest.

AAOP 2012 Wide

For this year’s edition of the Amazin’ Avenue Offseason Plan Contest, we turned to you to choose the semi-finalists. There were 37 entries, and your recs have narrowed the field to ten. A panel of Amazin’ Avenue writers/moderators will review those ten, each rank our top five, and present the final vote to the community on the morning of Monday, November 28.

Here are the ten semi-finalist entries:

  1. There's a million things I haven't done, but just you wait! by OuttaHereOuttaHere (21 recs)
  2. The Full Votto by IPA (14 recs)
  3. Bye, Bye Brucey!! by smarkowitz (13 recs)
  4. How do you make God laugh? by aquarian0 (11 recs)
  5. JERMAINE by Double IPA (11 recs)
  6. One Night in Maryland by mzvalaren (10 recs)
  7. How The Mets can win the World Series in 9 easy steps! by Asawisemansaid (9 recs)
  8. Depth to Injuries by Ogre39666 (8 recs)
  9. Going for the Glory by Stephen Milewski (8 recs)
  10. Please Don’t Kill Me by Wrightmove (8 recs)

If you’re combing through all of the entries, you might notice the AAOP with the second-most recs is missing from this list. It’s a good one—I once thought Eric Young Jr. was a long-term piece so you should read more of my Baseball opinions by David Capobianco—but isn’t eligible since David is an author at Amazin’ Avenue.

So enjoy your holiday weekend, congratulations to everyone who advanced, and we’ll dive into these entries as we digest our Thanksgiving feasts over the weekend.