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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 212: Black (Uniforms) Friday

We discuss the Mets’ continued offseason maneuvering, among other things, on this week’s episode.

Welcome back to Amazin' Avenue Audio. The Winter Meetings are getting closer, and AAOP season is in full swing.

First up, Brian and Chris talk about Gary Cohen returning to the Mets' booth, the potential loss of Jerry Blevins, and more. (1:20)

Next, Kaitlin McCabe discusses another forgotten Met, this time looking back on journeyman relief pitcher Danny Graves. (39:15)

Steve Sypa and Greg Karam talk about the recent 40-man roster additions, as well as some of the fringier Mets prospects. (42:40)

And, finally, Aaron Yorke looks at the Yoenis Cespedes situation, probably not for the last time this offseason. (54:33)

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