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Mets Morning News: The chase for Cespedes

Your Sunday morning dose of Mets and MLB news, notes, and links.

New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Meet the Mets

Yoenis Cespedes is officially a free agent, and Sporting News laid out a list of his best potential landing spots. Warning: as a Mets fan, you’re not going to like it.

This version of the list from Big League Stew was at least kind enough to include the Mets.

With the offseason here, the Mets have a lot of work to do even before they can bring in any new players.

Around the NL East

There’s been a rumored reunion between the Braves and Brian McCann, but Talking Chop say it’s a longshot at best.

It’s a copycat league, and everyone—including the Phillies—is going to be looking for a version of Andrew Miller.

Federal Baseball laid out a scenario in which Ryan Zimmerman struggled again to start next season, and how the Nationals should hypothetically respond.

Around the Majors

Proof that this year’s World Series was a really big deal: the champs made an appearance on Saturday Night Live.

One more nugget on Friday’s Cubs victory parade. It was the seventh-largest public gathering in recorded history!

It’s almost perfect in Cubsland right now, but not everyone is happy. Enter Miguel Montero.

The phenomenon that was the 2016 World Series has made its way outside the sport. Lebron James is getting ready to wear a Cubs jersey after losing a bet with Dwyane Wade. And a lot of boisterous LSU football fans were compelled to bring signs that trolled the Indians to Saturday morning’s College Gameday.

The Royals declined an option on relief pitcher Luke Hochevar.

Yesterday at Amazin’ Avenue

You probably heard. You might have known it was coming. But Kevin Palermo says that doesn’t make Yoenis Cespedes opting out any easier.

This Date in Mets History

November 6th is a surprising day in MLB history, and back in 1997 Commissioner Bud Selig made a decision that would help the Mets for years. That was the date the Milwaukee Brewers switched leagues, and the Amazins went on to pummel them through their first five seasons in the Senior Circuit. Too bad it was cancelled out by having to play the superpower Yankees six times a year.