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AAOP: 2016-17 Champions

It’s time to announce the winners of this year’s offseason contest.

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AAOP 2012 Wide

The 2016-17 Amazin’ Avenue Offseason Plan Contest has come to an end, and the community has voted for the champions. There were 37 entries in this year’s contest, a field that was whittled down to ten semi-finalists by the community and five finalists by a panel of five of us here at Amazin’ Avenue. Those five were presented to the community for a final vote, and the results are in. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who took the time to submit an AAOP.

First place (144 votes): Bye, Bye Brucey!! by smarkowitz

It was a close call for first place in this year’s contest, but smarkowitz pulled out a victory. That title certainly didn’t hurt the cause, as the vast majority of Mets fans can’t wait to see the Mets trade Bruce elsewhere. The prizes for the winners can all be seen in the original post, but smarkowitz wins a pair of Brooklyn Cyclones bobbleheads: Edgardo Alfonzo and Lucas Duda.

Second place (135 votes): There's a million things I haven't done, but just you wait! by OuttaHereOuttaHere

This take on Hamilton, which did very well in the round of recs that determined the semi-finalists and in our panel of points-based rankings, looked for a few minutes there like it would win it all. Failing that, though, it finished strongly in second place, and OuttaHereOuttaHere will take home a couple of Amazin’ Avenue t-shirts.

Third place (20 votes): The Full Votto by IPA

There might have been a gap in votes between the top two and the rest of the field of finalists, but the third-place vote was even closer than the first-place vote. IPA’s entry edged out the fourth-place finisher by just two votes and gets a pretty sweet third-place prize: a signed copy of Greg Prince’s excellent Amazin’ Again. And as a general reminder, Greg has a book on Mike Piazza coming out in the spring.