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Might the Mets bring back Tyler Clippard?

Clippard is still a free agent.

Clippard pitches in Game 3 of the World Series
Clippard pitches in Game 3 of the World Series
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Clippard remains a free agent just weeks before the start of spring training, and over the weekend, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe put forward this morning that the Mets may still re-sign him. The New York Post, however, reported a few days ago that Clippard is above the Mets' price point.

The Mets beefed up their bullpen with the addition of the left-handed Antonio Bastardo, but general manager Sandy Alderson has said that the Mets may still be on the lookout for another reliever. Though he struggled in the postseason due to what some speculate was a fatigue-based injury, Clippard is one of the best relief pitchers still on the market. He pitched 71 innings in 2015 with a 2.71 ERA. As a reliever in his major league career, Clippard has a 2.68 ERA, and his rate of infield pop-ups, at 15.2%, is the highest among qualified relief pitchers since 2009.