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Wilmer Flores preparing for role as Mets' utility player

The 24-year-old will play "all four positions" throughout spring training.

Ralph Freso/Getty Images

After starting 96 games at shortstop in 2015, Wilmer Flores will enter spring training preparing for the versatile role of team utilityman. With offseason acquisitions Neil Walker and Asdrubal Cabrera occupying starting jobs in the middle infield, Flores spoke with Kevin Kernan of the New York Post about his approach to the new position.

"Every day I will work one position and work the whole day there," Flores said. "Today I worked at third base. One day at third. One day at second. One day at short. One day at first. I want to accept this role. I have to accept this role."

Flores delivered a surprisingly candid analysis of his defensive skill-set, acknowledging his "limits at short." Indeed, Flores seemed more comfortable playing second base than shortstop, where he posted a -2.5 UZR last season. While the majority of Flores's big league defensive experience has come in the middle infield—with the exception of 27 appearances at third base between 2013 and 2014—he is slated to spell Lucas Duda and David Wright as a corner infielder. Having played first base in only 20 minor league games, Flores will be learning on the job at the big league level. With dramatic lefty/righty splits, Flores would be an ideal candidate to receive starts against southpaws.