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Vic Black bids farewell to Mets fans

Vic Black posted a heartfelt farewell to New York Mets fans on his Twitter account today, as he moves on from the team after three injury-plagued seasons.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Vic Black posted a heartfelt tribute to Mets fans this afternoon as his time with the team has apparently come to a close. The oft-injured reliever toiled in the minors for most of 2015, hoping for a call-up in September which never came. Black, who chose free agency after failing to make the 40-man roster, remained hopeful the Mets might re-sign him for 2016.

Writing on his Twitter account, Black expressed his thanks to Mets fans, and to New York City in general:

"I didn't play for 10 years nor was I an All-star or contributor to last seasons amazing run BUT I'll never forget my time playing for the greatest fans/city in baseball. From walking the streets of Manhattan, to riding the 7 line daily to Citi Field I was given moments I'll remember for my lifetime."

Black, who originally came to the Mets via a trade from the Pirates, had arguably his best season in 2014, when he finished with a 2.60 ERA in 41 games with 32 strikeouts in 34.2 innings.

A talented pitcher, Black could never seem to get over the injury bug and was sidelined several times during his Mets career with everything from a herniated disk to a groin tear to nerve damage. He was unable to return to form in the minors in 2015, where he struggled with his control and finished the year with a 7.09 ERA.