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Mets to wear 1986 throwback uniforms at Sunday home games

The pullover jerseys with racing stripes haven't been used regularly since 1990.

T.G. Higgins/Getty Images

Earlier this month, it was announced that the Mets would be wearing their 1986 home uniforms as alternates during the regular season. Today, the team's official account tweeted that they will be doing so at all Sunday home games.

The jerseys—pullovers with a blue racing stripe flanked in orange that runs down the length of both sides—haven't been worn regularly since 1990, when the pullover was replaced by a button-up jersey, and the racing stripe went away before the 1993 season. The pants, too, feature the racing stripe down the side.

The team will also have the same 25th anniversary patch that was worn in 1986 on the left sleeve of the jersey, per the Mets' photo. The team will honor the '86 club over Memorial Day weekend, with giveaways including a replica championship ring and a 1986-themed t-shirt, as well as an on-field celebration featuring all members of the team and coaching staff on May 28th.

The '86 jerseys join the home pinstripes, the road greys, and both home and road blue alternate jerseys as the Mets' sartorial choices for the 2016 season.