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Harper Lee was a Mets fan

The famous novelist had a secret apartment in NYC, where she enjoyed doing the New York Times crossword puzzle and rooting for the Mets.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Famously reclusive novelist Harper Lee died on Friday, and the nation's journalists have since been working feverishly to piece together the mysteries of her daily life. Among their findings is news that Lee had a secret New York City apartment and was a big Mets fan.

Beloved for her 1960 novel To Kill A Mockingbird, Lee rarely spoke to the press was believed by many to have lived out her whole life in her hometown of Monroeville, Alabama. However, this weekend the Post uncovered an Upper East Side apartment that Lee had leased on the cheap since 1967.

Lee's Mets fandom was known to her friends. One of them, Marja Mills, called Lee a "rabid Mets fan" in her memoir, while Lee's biographer Charles Shields recalled Lee frequently wearing a Mets cap.

Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird is considered by many as the seminal work about American race relations and won the Pulitzer Prize. Lee published nothing for fifty-plus years, and controversy swirled in 2015 when Lee's agent brought a "lost manuscript" to publishers. The novel, which is actually an earlier but very different draft of Mockingbird, was printed as Go Set A Watchman last July, with mixed reviews. Lee died in her sleep in Alabama last week. She was 89.