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Mets to use 1986 uniforms as an alternate jersey in 2016

The team will be celebrating its 30th anniversary of its 1986 World Series Championship.

T.G. Higgins/Getty Images

This year marks 30 years since the New York Mets last won the World Series. To honor the anniversary, the Mets will host a weekend celebration starting on May 28 during a series against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The celebration will extend beyond a weekend, however, as the Mets will wear their 1986 uniforms for other games. The classic uniform, with a blue vertical stripe in between two orange stripes along the sides of the jersey and pants, will be featured as an alternate jersey.

In terms of the Memorial Day weekend festivities, manager Davey Johnson and all other coaches and players have been invited to attend a pre-game ceremony on May 28 prior to the 7:15 PM game against the Dodgers. The on-field ceremony will begin at 6:30 PM. Also, the first 15,000 fans at the game on May 27 will receive a 1986-themed T-shirt. To round out the weekend, the first 15,000 fans to attend Sunday's game will go home with a replica '86 championship ring.

The 1986 Mets won a whopping 108 regular season games. No National League has won that many regular season games since.