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Mets outfielder Curtis Granderson diagnosed with pink eye

The veteran right fielder's spring training has been briefly interrupted.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Mets right fielder Curtis Granderson was diagnosed with conjunctivitis, known colloquially as pink eye. It had previously been reported that Granderson was dealing with an eye issue, leading to speculation that the 34-year-old was dealing with pink eye, which was indeed the case.

Luckily, pink eye is not a serious condition and most cases clear up within a few days. Given that pink eye is extremely contagious, Granderson's absence from the team is a precautionary measure. Granderson has even stated that his issues seemed to have cleared up, and that he's not even convinced that what he was dealing with was actually pink eye. He plans to wear glasses for the next couple of days before returning to contact lenses.

After a so-so 2014 season, Granderson was a key to the Mets' offense in 2015. During the regular season, the lefty slugger hit .259/.364/.457 with 23 home runs and 90 walks. He was even better in the postseason, batting .283/.375/.491 with nine walks and just seven strikeouts. Granderson will look to build on those impressive numbers in what is hopefully a pink-eye-free season.