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This Week In SNY: Meet Steve Gelbs and Michael Conforto's new friend!

In our first edition of TWISNY in 2016, Steve Gelbs and Michael Conforto make a new friend, Keith Hernandez complains about traffic, and a Gary replaces Gary.

A pleasant good afternoon everyone and welcome to This Week In SNY! We're back at it for 2016 and ready for a great year of SNY-related fun. Despite the change in hands this year, we're committed to continuing all of your favorite features from years past! In addition, we would like to hear your ideas for new features. Please send those ideas, along with any tips for TWISNY-worthy moments throughout the season, to


Look at that smile on Gare's face! He looks so happy to once again be sandwiched in between his two buddies, Ron and Keith, for another 162 games. Great to have you all back, guys!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Let's Check In With Steve Gelbs, who's with Michael Conforto and a new friend!


Their friend is a member of the Tradition Field security team, a bunch that is mostly made up of older folks. We don't know Steve and Michael's friend's name so we're going to call him Irving the security guard. Did Irving get to ask any questions to Conforto? Will we ever get to learn more about Irving? We'll try to keep track of Irving's appearances throughout the spring, should he surface again on camera. If you happen to see Irving again, please let us know!

It didn't take very long for Curmudgeon Keith to return to the airwaves in 2016. Keith doesn't have much tolerance for spring training games to begin with and that patience runs even thinner when it comes to the parking procedures after they end. Calling back to Keith's stint last season as a parking attendant at Citi Field, Gary jokingly mentioned during the 8th inning that Keith would put on a vest and whistle and direct traffic in the Tradition Field parking lot.


Keith chimed in and he did not mince words when describing the new exit procedures at the ballpark, along with the person who came up with that brilliant idea.

"It was a nightmare getting out of here two days ago. It was uhh...whoever thought this one up...Siberia for him. Or whoever."

Ouch, you do not want to upset Keith, particularly when he's got dinner reservations. We'd like to make this our official plea to SNY: get Keith a vest and a whistle, pronto! We know he could handle the traffic and get everyone out of the parking lot efficiently. He's Keith Hernandez.

Monday, March 7, 2016

It's time for our first Nitpicking With TWISNY of the year and good gravy, we've got a couple of nits to pick. The Mets hadn't hit a home run in an SNY spring game until Neil Walker went deep on Monday afternoon. But wait...


Ah yeah, that's definitely not Travis d'Arnaud. The score bug doesn't appear to have all the bugs worked out just yet but that's okay, because nary an inning later...


There's Lucas Duda circling the bases after he put a two-run long dong onto the berm. Surely they'll have no problem identifying "Little Luke", as Keith likes to call him...


Oops. Better late than never on Walker. Still plenty of time for the issues with the score bug to get figured out. This has been Nitpicking With TWISNY.

March 9, 2016

Gary, Keith, and Ron are back together once again but wait...

Gary Apple

Hey look, it's SNY anchor Gary Apple filling in on play by play while Gary Cohen is on college basketball assignment. It's nice to see one Gary stepping up in place of another Gary. I'm mostly wondering what's up with Keith's little smirk there on the right. It almost looks like he let go of a fart and is about to laugh, and Ron may have just caught a whiff of it. Keep the booth smelling fresh and clean for the Garys, would you guys?

Since we've been away for so long, let's do a BONUS Nitpicking With TWISNY! There were a lot of nits to pick in this first week of action but this one seems somewhat inexcusable given the player whose name is misspelled.


That's right, former Mets outfield prospect Cesar Puello, a veteran of multiple Mets springs on SNY, gets his name botched. It's one thing to accidentally spell it Caesar, at least that's the name of a salad and a Roman ruler. But Ceasar? This has been Nitpicking with TWISNY.

Before we close out our return engagement of This Week In SNY, we would be remiss to end without checking in on one of the longtime stars of TWISNY. That's right...

Kevin Burkhardt! Here he is serving as studio host with Steve Lavin, covering a Villanova and Xavier college basketball game! Here at TWISNY, we don't know much about college basketball so we won't talk about that anymore. But go Kevin!

That's all we've got for this week. Look out for the next edition of This Week In SNY throughout the coming weeks and remember to send your ideas and tips to us at We may feature them in future editions of TWISNY!

This Week In SNY was created by former Amazin' Avenue contributor James Kannengieser. You can read all of his entries here. We hope you enjoy this reboot!