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Mets daily spring training report, 3/17/16: deGrom and Matz pitch as Mets win

The Mets beat the Marlins in a road spring training game.

Chris McShane

Mets 6, Marlins 5 (Box)

It was quite the afternoon for pitching, as Jacob deGrom and Steven Matz pitched for the Mets in their game against the Marlins in Jupiter. deGrom fared better than Matz did, and the Mets scored six runs, all against Jose Fernandez, before the Marlins scored any. The Marlins got three runs against Matz and two more against Sean Gilmartin in the ninth, but they didn't complete their attempted comeback.

During the game, Yoenis Cespedes was hit by a pitch on the wrist but said he was okay.