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Travis d'Arnaud gets first base gloves at Mets spring training

The catcher is not changing positions anytime soon, but he might get some work at first base late in spring training.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Travis d'Arnaud received some suggestive gifts on Wednesday. According to ESPN, the catcher has first base gloves to break in at Mets camp. Last month, Sandy Alderson said d'Arnaud and Kevin Plawecki could play positions other than catcher during spring training, but infield coach Tim Teufel told EPSN that he doesn't expect Terry Collins to immediately give either reps away from the plate.

Since joining the Mets in 2013, d'Arnaud has exclusively played behind the plate. Despite murmurs of the 27-year-old needing to move elsewhere down the road, he doesn't seem likely to see significant playing time anywhere else anytime soon.

Without a true first baseman to back up Lucas Duda, the Mets could turn to Wilmer Flores or either of the two catchers when Duda needs a day off.