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How would different Mets look if they had Jacob deGrom hair?

Jacob deGrom's hair reportedly gives him an advantage on the mound. What would happen if other Mets started sporting his hairstyle?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It was reported earlier this month that Jacob deGrom's long, flowing hair may give him an advantage, at least according to one hitter who battled the Mets' ace this past postseason. While deGrom considered cutting off his beautiful locks after the season, the right hander decided against it. Baseball players are notoriously superstitious creatures but it just wouldn't have been the same watching him without that hair. Plus, who knows what sort of effect it'd have on his performance!

With this in mind, we recently got to thinking: could long hair be a sort of market inefficiency and should more Mets try to sport the deGrom hairdo? Naturally, we were compelled to see what this would look like because well, why the hell not? So we put together a gallery of Mets wearing the deGrom hair and we've given ratings to each one!

Let's begin with fellow young ace Noah Syndergaard!


Okay, this picture doesn't look much different from a regular photo of Noah Syndergaard but you should know that we did add deGrom hair over Syndergaard's flowing locks. Not much of a visual difference but it's kind of like adding a Dickey Face to an R.A. Dickey picture: it makes the photo just a little more special and infinitely more awesome. Rating: 5/5


Okay, it doesn't look awful (aside from the bad photoshop job by yours truly). Not sure I really see Matz growing out the hair anyway but maybe his buddy deGrom will try to egg him on. Rating: 2/5


Matt Harvey is of course a northeast kid from Connecticut but he went to school in North Carolina and this hairstyle makes him look like he'd fit in pretty well down there. Rating: 3/5


Oh my, Bartolo Colon has clearly been missing long hair his entire career. Somebody tell him to grow out his locks! Rating: 5/5


Unfortunately, Zack Wheeler's hair is a bit thin on the top in real life but if he could grow out the locks, you can see they'd look pretty good. Rating: 4/5

Let's expand a little further beyond the rotation to the Mets bullpen!


It's a little jarring to see Jeurys Familia with a long mane of hair. But wow, would that look slick. Imagine Familia running out from the bullpen to the mound with Danza Kuduro blaring in the background with his deGrom hair blowing in the breeze! That'd be worth it. Rating: 3/5

The Mets pitching staff isn't the only group of players who should get in on the action. What would happen if some of the position players added the deGrom hair? Surely it could serve a purpose for them!


That long, flowing hair makes David Wright look just a little extra hunky at third base. It'll never happen because the Captain is always pretty clean cut but maybe the long hair would help cushion his fall if he tumbles backwards! I'd be interested in seeing this one happen. Rating: 3/5

duda degrom

Imagine Lucas Duda with a mop of flowing deGrom hair! Imagine him taking walks, hitting dingers, and being generally good at baseball with beautiful locks like this! It could happen. Rating: Good

curtis degromerson

Not a bad look for Curtis Granderson! I think he could pull this off and the long hair might even help him boost his OBP with a few extra HBPs. Rating: 3/5

This shouldn't be limited to the players on the field. Can the jobs of off-the-field members of the Mets organization be aided by the deGrom hair?

Terry deGrom

CRIPES! Rating: 1/5

Sandy deGrom

Only slightly better than Terry. Maybe if Sandy twirls his hair he'll get opposing general managers confused and own them on trades. That's a good idea, right? Sorry for this nightmare fuel. Rating: 2/5

GKR deGrom

Alright, I lied. Here's the last bit of nightmare fuel. Gary, Keith, and Ron with Jacob deGrom hair would be incredible. Just imagine Keith complaining his hair getting in his eyes all game long. Rating: 5/5