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Mets King of Spring Training leaders through Week 3

We're heading into the home stretch of spring training and the 2016 Mets KOST race is still wide open!

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Time to get pumped up for the wild conclusion to the biggest race in the spring training baseball land! We're finished with three grueling weeks of spring training and have finally reached the last week. Which Mets players will take home this non-existent prize? Which Mets player will fall just short and embarrass their entire family and ancestry? Which Mets player will actually read this and/or give a shit about it? Find out over this next week!

Heading into the home stretch, we've rearranged the order of the King of Spring Training rankings. Additionally, we made a final substitution to the field, dropping the recently demoted Danny Muno from the pack and replacing him with somebody else. You'll see...

Alejandro De Aza (Stock: Rising)

At .410/.489/487 with 3 doubles and 7 walks, De Aza is likely the leader in the clubhouse at the moment. It's been a steady spring for the outfielder, as he's hit and hit in Florida and leads the spring Mets in OPS at .977. He hasn't needed to pop any over the fence either. Heading into the final week, De Aza looks to be in good shape to become another outfielder to pick up the crown.

Travis Taijeron (Stock: Holding)

We weren't sure what the future would hold for Taijeron after he got dispatched to minor league camp over a week ago but he's still one of the team leaders in spring at bats. With that being the case, he's absolutely qualified for this fake award. His .333/.405/.556 line and .960 OPS are quite nice.

Wilmer Flores (Stock: Falling)

Added to the ranks last week, Wilmer promptly saw his offensive production come to a halt this past week. His line still looks nice at .326/.418/.413 but it's not top of the heap like it was last week. Flores still has a shot to become the second infielder to win the KOST award but he'll have to hit some down the all-important stretch of this next week.

Eric Campbell (Stock: Falling)

Speaking of falling, Eric Campbell has also seen his spring line fall from the stratosphere. At .282/.451/333, the line is boosted by a Sandy Alderson approved OBP but hides the fact that there's been almost no power in there. Without that and the gaudy batting average, Soup's chances are cooling down (do you like this reference to actual soup? I thought it was good).

Johnny Monell (Stock: Holding)

Monell's just sort of here at .333/.429/.400 with a couple of doubles and 5 walks. Not showing off or anything, the catcher has put up another fine spring, though perhaps not flashy enough to win the whole thing. Worse off, he'll likely lose at bats over this next week to Travis d'Arnaud and Kevin Plawecki as the big leaguers ramp up for Opening Day.

Matt Reynolds (Stock: Rising)

Reynolds' overall line isn't amazing at .265/.350/.324 with a couple of doubles but considering how awful it was a week ago, the shortstop's made a ton of progress. It's still a longshot but another big week at the plate could allow him to sneak to the top.

Juan Lagares (Stock: Rising)

Want a dark horse in this race? Danny Muno was demoted to minor league camp and his final line wasn't very exciting, so we called an audible. Lagares has steadily produced with the bat all spring and his .316/.395/.447 line with an .843 OPS certainly deserves recognition. At the moment, he's only behind De Aza and Taijeron in OPS. Watch out, it looks like Lagares really Juants this thing. *drops mic*