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Matt Harvey injury: Pitcher had blood clot taken care of, on track to start Opening Day

Not even 24 hours after we learned of Harvey's mystery condition, the situation has been resolved.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Mets world can breathe a sigh of relief this morning, as its star pitcher is back on track to start on Opening Day this Sunday at Kansas City. Yesterday news broke that Matt Harvey was suffering from a "non-baseball medical issue" that caused him to be scratched from his final Grapefruit League start scheduled for today.

This morning we learned that the issue in question was blood clots in the pitcher's bladder. A procedure was done to clear up the clots on Monday, and it was a success. Harvey is back on schedule to start this Sunday. Now we can go back to worrying about his shoulder, elbow, contract situation, and what he does in his free time.

Apparently the blood clot in Harvey's bladder was caused by him holding his urine too long and not going to the bathroom enough. Perhaps if the Mets' lineup is patient enough this season, the right-hander can find time to relief himself during his starts. Harvey also noted that he was not too happy about rampant speculation last night that the health issue was somehow related to his social life.

Blood clots are nothing to mess around with. Over in the NBA, Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh has been forced out of action with one since February and it is unclear if he'll play again this year. Hopefully the procedure that Harvey had done yesterday takes care of his own issue for good and prevents it from lingering.