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Mike and the Mad Dog talk Mets baseball

Here are some classic clips of the New York sports radio icons talking (and ranting) about the Mets.

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

From 1989 to 2008, Mike Francesa and Christopher Russo changed the face of sports talk radio with their WFAN call-in show, Mike and the Mad Dog. The duo became an institution in New York sports, as Francesa and Russo used their big personalities and loud voices to debate the major sports stories of the day with each other and their callers.

Last night, Francesa and Russo hosted a reunion show at Radio City Music Hall to benefit the Garden of Dreams Foundation. To celebrate the reunion of Mike and the Mad Dog, we’ve compiled some of their more memorable moments, conversations, and tirades on the Mets.

You can find some of the duo’s great non-Mets-related clips on YouTube. In the meantime, click below to watch Mike and the Mad Dog talk Mets baseball!

A disgrace!

Russo and Francesa are displeased with how the Mets handled the firing of Willie Randolph.

Mike likes Inge…a lot

Don’t believe me? Count how many times he says so in this clip.

Praise Dickey

Russo has some harmless juvenile fun with R.A. Dickey’s name.


Russo is incredulous over a brutal Mets loss to the Mariners in which Felix Hernandez hit a grand slam off of Johan Santana.

Welcome, Mr. Gandhi

To his own great amusement, Russo introduces Jerry Manuel as "Mr. Gandhi," a reference to Manuel’s affection for the Indian political leader.

Garfield’s doctor

Russo discusses the questionable medical practices of Willard Bliss, the doctor who treated President James Garfield after he was shot. Bob from East Windsor wonders whether Dr. Willard is also treating the oft-injured Moises Alou.

Come on, Fred, spend some money!

Russo melts down over the Mets’ trade of Bret Saberhagen to the Rockies in what Russo feels is a penny-pinching move. Taken out of context, it would be hard to tell whether some of these quotes are from 1995 or 2013.

Delgado snubs the fans

A good old-fashioned Mike and the Mad Dog argument. This one involves Carlos Delgado’s decision to not take a curtain call after a home run. The clip showcases what made the show so good: two passionate fans with good rapport carrying out a spirited argument over a local sports issue.

Meet the Mets!

In the midst of the Mets’ infamous 2007 collapse, a gloating Mike and the Mad Dog—neither of whom is a Mets fan—grace us with a stirring rendition of the Mets’ fight song.