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Fangraphs releases Mets top prospects list

This one is different.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Farnsworth of Fangraphs has released his list of the Mets' top prospects. As with every other major list, save for Keith Law's, this list has Steven Matz as the organization's top prospect. After that, Farnsworth's list strays wildly from the consensus.

The number two spot on Farnsworth's list is occupied by outfielder Desmond Lindsay, the team's second-round pick in 2015. Farnsworth backs up the aggressive ranking by praising Lindsay's power and speed, while also pointing out his excellent work ethic. Our own top-25 list saw Lindsay come in at number eight, but both lists seem similarly excited about his upside.

The biggest surprise on Farnsworth's list is the inclusion of shortstop Gregory Guerrero as the team's fourth-best prospect. Guerrero, who is 16 and has yet to log a professional plate appearance, ranked #15 on John Sickels' Mets list, while he failed to rank on our top-25 list. Farnsworth believes that Guerrero could be one of the best hitters from last year's international crop, but also voices doubts that the youngster can stay at shortstop. Farnsworth's other big departure from the consensus is his placement of Brandon Nimmo at #15.

This isn't the first time Farnsworth has made some waves with his prospect lists; he ranked former Met John Gant as the second-best prospect on his current team, the Atlanta Braves. For reference, John Sickels ranked Gant #17 on his list of the Braves' top prospects. Judging by Farnsworth's grading system, Gant would likely have slotted in as the Mets' second-best prospect if he were still in the Mets' organization.