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This Week in SNY, Week 1: Gary, Keith, and Ron are back, and Keith is already in midseason form

Blue and orange Bartolo Colon, David Wright's 304 home runs against the Phillies, and Keith Hernandez continuing to be a national treasure. All in week one of This Week in SNY!


Another season of Mets baseball is officially underway, which means another season of This Week in SNY featuring Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling, Steve Gelbs, and the rest of the SNY crew! We'll be here regularly throughout the season to recap the gang's hijinks and share with you all of our favorite SNY moments!

We're in the best shape of our lives to open up the year, so now without further ado, let's get TWISNY started!

April 5, 2016

David Wright reached first base in the first inning and Gary, Keith, and Ron discussed stealing against gangly Royals pitcher Chris Young.

Gary: "Normally when you get a runner on first base against Young you take off because he's the easiest pitcher to steal against. But that's negated somewhat by the guy who's behind the plate."

Ron: "Still, I think it's hard to push it when the guy at the plate can hit it out of the park."

Gary: "And I don't know how much basestealing David's gonna do this year."

Keith: "I would think zip."

One pitch later...


Gary: "David has his first stolen base of the year, the Mets' first stolen base of 2016."

Keith: "And I have my first retraction of 2016."

April 8, 2016

After a couple of nice plays by Asdrubal Cabrera, Keith mentioned that the Mets shortstop is "not a fancy Dan". I don't know what that means and neither does Asdrubal. Probably a good idea that Keith stopped there.

Fancy Dan

April 9, 2016

Whoa jeez, blue and orange Bartolo Colon! Is SNY participating in some subliminal messaging for a new Smurfs movie featuring everyone's favorite pitcher Smurftolo Colon? Extra points to the camera man for getting the Neil Walker crotch grab to fit so prominently into the frame.

Bart Color

It was a frigid night on Saturday and Keith decided out of the blue that it was his duty to describe what the post-game shower felt like on a night like this, of course in full detail:

"When this game's over, folks, when it's cold like this and you're playing, that hot shower feels so good after a game like this with this kind of weather. I cannot tell you, just sit there and let that just bead on you and get your bones warm again."

Gary was then quick to remind Keith that the warm shower was at least eight innings away for these guys. Do your best to try not to think about Keith taking a shower now.

The third inning opened with a clip of Terry Collins talking about MLB's new slide rules, which Gary and Keith then spent most of the frame discussing. Curmudgeon Keith returned and the discussion was full of his sighs and a general sense of disappointment with the rule changes.

Keith: "Well, *loud sigh* Gare, how old is this game?

Gary: "150 years old or so."

Keith doesn't take shit from anyone, especially the people making the rules:

"These people need to get out of the office and go for a walk. Get some sunshine."

April 10, 2016

It's time for Nitpicking with TWISNY! David Wright stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the first inning and three pitches into the at bat, SNY rolled out this graphic:

Wright 304 HR

Gary, Keith, and Ron got in on the "Nitpicking with TWISNY" fun by teasing the guys in the truck about their mistake.

Gary: "Those are David's numbers against the Phillies...don't think he has 304 homers against them."

Keith: "NO! goodness!"

Gary: "Cause that would be a record!"

*Keith and Ron crack up laughing*

Ron: "I think the record is 304 home runs with only 119 RBIs."

As they waited patiently for the guys in the truck to fix the graphic—Keith was very invested in finding out the correct number of home runs—the Mets' announcers continued to banter.

Keith: "Have a cup of coffee down there!"

Ron: "It's like the Price Is Right, you have to pick two of those numbers out of the three and they'll make it right."

Gary: "That's quite the showcase!"

And what would a segment about coffee and day games after night games be without a thinly veiled Keith drug reference from Gary?

Keith: "Guys in the truck, I strongly recommend, I did this when I had to play day games: a couple of cups of black coffee works wonders."

Gary: "Thank god that's what you said."

*Booth cracks up laughing*

A message to the truck for the future: these little boo-boos, as Keith might call them, make for some great sound bites. Keep 'em up. This has been Nitpicking with TWISNY.

Returning from a commercial break, Keith decided to zing Gary's lack of singing skills and lack of hair in one shot.

Gary: "Big day for the sunglasses on a bright, sunny day in New York. Temperature's right around 45 degrees"

Keith: "Sunday afternoon in New York. Did Vito play that Bobby Darin tune? I may have missed it. Sunday in New York?"

Gary: "No, but I hummed a few bars of it."

Keith: "I know and you're a far cry from Bobby Darin.

Gary: "Well, I sure hope so."

Keith: "You've got the same hair!"

Filmmaker Ken Burns dropped by during the third inning to plug his latest documentary, sending Ronnie into the high chair in the back of the booth, a longtime favorite feature here at TWISNY.

Ronnie High Chair

Ronnie's glasses look kind of familiar, like he bought them in Malaysia. Jake Jarmel is going to be upset that you have the same glasses as he does, Ronnie. He doesn't want anyone else to have those frames.



April 11, 2016

The Coors Light Marlins defense overwhelmed Keith's eyes, what with all the orange and the faces. He decided to hand the duties to Ronnie.


"WOW, that's sensory overload! Your Coors Light defense! I can't do this, folks, you've got it."

Six innings into Monday's blowout, Keith was kindly informed that he wasn't scheduled for the previous day's game meaning he worked on Sunday when he wasn't supposed to work.

Keith: "By the way, it just came to my attention. I didn't have Sunday's game, that was an off day for me."

Gary: "You were here, I can attest to that."

Keith: "Gregg Picker just told me and I looked at my schedule and I worked a game I shouldn't have worked. I could've been with my daughter yesterday, who is here in town, and owe me.

Ron: "Take one for the team."

Gary: "You might have to take that to arbitration, chalk it up to announcer error."

As you can see below, Keith was flabbergasted!

Keith Extra Day

That's all for This Week in SNY! Big thanks go out to Chris McShane, Aaron Yorke, and MookieTheCat for keeping watchful eyes and ears!

Remember, if you're watching Mets games on SNY and you witness a moment that should be featured in This Week in SNY, send us an email at or tweet it to us (@AmazinAvenue, @chrismcshane, or @_mistermet) with the hashtag #TWISNY!

This Week In SNY was created by former Amazin' Avenue contributor James Kannengieser. You can read all of his entries here. We hope you enjoy this reboot!