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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 181: Panic City Town Hall Meeting

Jeffrey and Steve are Panic! At The Citi. The Mets are 3-5 and WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS?!

Run Time: 55:19

In Episode 181, Jeffrey and Steve discuss potential 2016 Mets tag team partners for our faces in peril, before movin on to the important stuff. Which is, HOW PANICKED SHOULD YOU BE ABOUT THE 2016 Mets? Well, it varies, as you might expect. We are both worried about David Wright, less so about the offense in general. Jeffrey thinks Noah Syndergaard's elbow might explode on the mound, FWIW, and Steve seems very copacetic generally, until we start discussing Nakamura/Zayn at NXT Takeover at least. Before that we answer you e-mails, which for some reason are about Terry Collins' management skills, and update you on IFK Goteborg's fixture with rivals AIK.

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