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Mets book review: Greg Prince's Amazin' Again is an enjoyable read

Check out the book if you'd like to re-live the Mets' pennant-winning season.

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If you're familiar with blogs about the New York Mets, you've undoubtedly come across Faith and Fear in Flushing, the site that features the prose of Jason Fry and Greg Prince. If you're not, I strongly recommend the site. And if you are, you're probably not surprised to hear that Prince's new book, Amazin' Again, is a great read.

As he lays out very early in the book, Prince isn't out to give a behind-the-scenes breakdown of what happened with the Mets. Rather, he's recounting the season as he experienced it: as a fan who had the same access as any other Mets fan. It's a quick and compelling read, as the Mets' 2015 season was a rather unique path to the World Series. Prince guides the reader through that roller coaster ride, throwing in memorable Prince-isms along the way.

The Mets' 2016 season is just a day away, but with three off days built into the team's scheduled over the first week of the season, Prince's book could help fill the baseball void. And regardless of when you read it, it'll have you dreaming on the Mets having a season as great as, or perhaps greater than, last season.

To hear from the author himself, check out Episode 177 of Amazin' Avenue Audio, for which Greg was our guest.