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This Week in Mets Quotes: Home Run Avenue, Ryan Howard and Ron Darling's thoughts on Syndergaard

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Home Run Avenue.

"I don’t think that’s something that’s sustainable over the course of a long season, scoring the majority of your runs off home runs. The teams that seem to be more consistent—at least in my opinion—are ones that have the type of offense [that manufactures runs], not the home run-happy offense." -David Wright [New York Post]

"I don’t think we put an emphasis on [homers], but that is kind of how this lineup is constituted." -Neil Walker [New York Post]

But it’s not like this team is built to hit home runs.

"It’s the way our club’s been built. Our lineup right now, we’ve got a lot of guys who can hit it over the fence." -Terry Collins [New York Post]

Oh well, still it’s not like the team needs to hit home runs.

"Home runs are big for us. We need to hit them." -Terry Collins [New York Times]

Well, except maybe fantasy owners who drafted Harvey over Syndergaard.

"Nobody’s more frustrated right now than I am—not just today but the last couple of starts. There’s a lot of things that went wrong." -Matt Harvey [New York Times]

Isn’t that the definition of hitting a wall?

"I’m not hitting a wall. I’ve just got to figure out how to get through that fifth, sixth inning, and right now I’m not able to do a good job of that." -Matt Harvey [New York Times]

It feels so good seeing flashes of the old David Wright.

"I think that's one of my strengths is going the other way. So when I am seeing the ball well, when I am on time, I can take that pitch that's middle and middle-away and hit it the other way. I am [able] to hit the ball to center field, to right-center." -David Wright [Mets]

They can’t.

"I'm going to go out there and give them my best stuff, my best fastball and see if they can hit it." -Noah Syndergaard [Mets]

It’s a solid plan, though with one major flaw.

"We tried to take advantage of [Syndergaard’s slow delivery]. You try to steal off of him. He's slow to the plate. But we didn't really have enough baserunners to make that a big issue." -Pete Mackanin [Mets]

So happy he’s on our team.

"Friends ask me about [Noah Syndergaard] and I say think of it this way, when you used to play video games as a kid, if you build the player that you want to build and put all the abilities up to max 10, he’s that guy that you build in video games." -David Wright [New York Daily News]

Terry liked what he saw in the World Series but wanted Conforto to prove himself in the pressure packed first week of the season before moving him third in the batting order.

"I saw what [Conforto] did in the World Series, and that spoke volumes, that he certainly can handle the situation of hitting third. We decided to give it a shot." -Terry Collins [New York Post]

I’m Michael Conforto and I bat third.

"Anytime you’re in the heart of the lineup, where you can do some damage and drive in some runs, it’s exciting. I’ve never had any nervousness about it. It’s felt natural." –Michael Conforto [New York Times]

Pitching and Afraid.

"I just think [Sunday I] was attacking the hitters, not pitching scared, trusting my stuff." -Steven Matz [New York Post]

Enjoy this Alejandro De Aza quote as it might be his only TWIMQ appearance.

"[The sun] was pretty tough. Thank God I didn’t get one fly ball. I saw that happen to [Rajai Davis], and I said, ‘I’m going to need to work it out. I need to find a spot." -Alejandro De Aza [New York Post]

Guess Kevin Long went with the KISS method to improve Walker from the right side of the plate.

"Simplifying things. That’s what I came in wanting to do. Maybe sometimes you slow things down, slow down movement and you find the barrel." -Neil Walker [New York Post]

Verrett can get doubles with his eyes closed.

"I just closed my eyes and swung as hard as I could." -Logan Verrett [New York Times]

Just in case you wanted even more reason to be excited about Thor.

"Pick something out, because all of his pitches are dominant. I picked out the fastball, just try to get in there and see something good and luckily I was able to get a good pitch to handle and poke it through… It’s a very rare breed of seeing somebody like that as a starter who is coming out throwing 100-plus for numerous amounts of pitches and then sitting basically anywhere from 96 to 99 for the rest of the game. It’s one thing to be able to throw that hard, and sometimes it’s hard to control it, but he has got good control. And has a great idea of what he wants to do with pitches." -Ryan Howard [New York Post]

"He’s got the belief that he’s going to go out there, it’s not to pitch well, it’s not to win, it’s to dominate. And you can see it from the first pitch he throws, body language, how he conducts himself. It’s remarkable what he has done in the last year…He looks like Nolan Ryan. He walks like him. He acts like him, throws like him. He just has better control than Nolan had at that age. From my seat I’m having a hard time finding the words describing what he is doing… You can’t clean up his mechanics any more, they are perfect" -Ron Darling [New York Post]

"I’ve never seen a guy that throws 98 to 100 all the time, so relatively speaking it’s a power slider, so it matches the rest of his stuff. I think we have a special human being." -Dan Warthen [New York Post]

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"I said this somewhere else but Mets are not going to be successful if they don't improve their approach at the plate. It’s like they are trying to become the 2015 Cubs." -Reflect

"Trying to win 97 games?" -Gina