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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 183: The good, the bad, and TDA's shoulder

Jeffrey and Brian talk about what's the matter with Jeurys Familia, what's the ceiling for Michael Conforto, and what's the deal with the Nats.

Run Time: 51:56

In Episode 183 (yes, 183, after three years you'd think Jeffrey would doublecheck these things) of Amazin' Avenue Audio, Jeffrey and Brian cover the good, the bad, and the ugly of the first three weeks of Mets baseball. Michae Conforto is good, but how good can he be? Jeurys Familia has been bad, well not that bad, but not good, and we are a little worried. The Nats have been very good, and that is very bad, while Travis d'Arnaud's injury history gets a little bit uglier. We also answer an e-mail on the Mets pitchers high BABIP against, and on Neil Walker's HR/FB%, mmmmm sabery. We wrap things up with an IFK Goteborg update and a possibly important announcement.

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