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Final Score: Mets 5, Reds 2—Harvey rebounds, Walker homers for sixth-straight win

Matt Harvey had himself a day in the victory.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Harvey's early season struggles have been one of the big stories of the 2016 Mets season. Tonight, he seemingly put that all behind him. Harvey got into some trouble, thanks largely to errors, but worked out of every jam he faced. He finished six innings, allowing one earned run and striking out seven with just one walk and seven hits. It was by far his best start of the season, with hopefully more to come. The Mets have been this good without their starters at full capacity, so imagine them with the staff rolling. We know, we're excited too.

The runs supporting Harvey came by way of the two most likely contributors in the lineup, Neil Walker and Michael Conforto. Walker hit his ninth home run of the season, a shot to right-center off of Jon Moscot in the third. Conforto hit a double in the sixth inning that drove in Alejandro de Aza and Eric Campbell (who, yes, both reached base in the same inning). Jim Henderson, Hansel Robles, and Addison Reed closed it down and the Mets emerged with a sixth straight victory and second sweep.

GameThread Roll Call

Nice job by MetsFan4Decades; her effort in the GameThread embiggens us all.

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