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This Week In SNY, Week 3: Steve Gelbs didn't flip his am/pm switch but we flipped ours!

Keith is a meteorologist, Steve Gelbs needs a wakeup call, and the horses are on the track

A pleasant good morning and welcome to This Week In SNY! We've got plenty of SNY hijinks with Gary, Keith, Ron, and even Steve Gelbs, so let's get right to the action.

April 20, 2016

This is a fun graphic. It even moves!

April 20 Mets Phillies mascots animation GIF

Gary: Our animation guys are just doing bang up work in this series.

Ron: This is what I was talking about with the late "Let's Go Mets" chant when it was 11-0. Mr. Met is a little smug there and poor Phanatic, feeling the pain.

It's time for Nitpicking With TWISNY and wow, this is a hell of a first at bat for Asdrubal Cabrera!


Cabrera hit a ball that was initially ruled a 3-run home run before a review turned it into just an RBI double, so maybe the truck was having a little fun with the graphic. Or somebody forgot to edit something. We caught you! This has been Nitpicking With TWISNY.

We're going to introduce a new segment here. After Michael Conforto grounded out in the ninth inning, SNY decided to put the horses on the track. That's right, this is the Call to the Post Tracker! Over the past week, we counted two calls to the post.


Gary: It must be the call to the post.

Ron: Is it strange that I laugh every single time that comes on?

Gary: No, it's not strange at all! *laughing* Because that's what it's designed to do.

When you see the Call to the Post, help us track them by sending us an email at and let us know the inning number!

Ronnie doesn't seem to appreciate the Rollie Fingers look sported by this hipster Phillies fan.


Ron: That's a very interesting look, very in love with his stache.

Gary: And his Phanatic hat.

April 22, 2016

Time to go Inside Baseball with Steve Gelbs! Check out this sweet little graphic Gelbs gets:


Gary opened the segment by saying "let's see if we can rouse Steve Gelbs" and this phrasing wasn't by accident. After talking about no-hitters for a few minutes, Keith decided it was time to rib Steve for oversleeping prior to the game.

Keith: I thought Steve looked really refreshed. I think the off day did him good. He looks rested.

Steve: Guys, you know what will also help with rest is taking a nap and not knowing how to flip the am/pm switch on the alarm clock. That generally helps.

Gary: Well you know, they say the season doesn't start until the bell rings, so I guess it has to ring a second time for some people.

Steve: To my defense, if there's any city in which you wanna oversleep a little bit it's Atlanta because you can hop over to this ballpark in, I don't know, one, two hours right out of bed.

Tsk tsk, Steve. Did Kevin ever do that? We don't really know, to be honest. At least it wasn't a separate knob for the volume, which is what befell Olympic runner Jean Paul Jean Paul.

Gary pointed out that Steve needed his nap because he was so busy watching the Rangers game the night before.

Steve: It was an exhausting night last night, let's put it that way.

Despite this, Gary and Keith would not lay off of him one bit.

Keith: Did you fly in today?

Steve: Yes.

Gary: Didn't sleep on the plane, I take it?

Steve: No, I slept when I got here.


Keith: We missed you!

*more laughter*

Gary: Everybody was wondering where you were, we figured you were hard at work somewhere and you were just ignoring the snooze button.

The SNY crew even called the hotel wondering if Steve was alive!

Keith: Well, they asked when we called the hotel if you were suicidal, we said NO!!!

*more laughter*

Gelbs 2

Gelbs was clearly embarrassed. Unfortunately for him, this isn't the last you'll hear of him oversleeping...

Rain started pouring down on the Mets and Braves after the top of the 8th inning ended, forcing the game into a delay.

Meteorologist Keith

Meteorologist Keith decided it was time to make an appearance and give all you folks out there his weather report!

Keith: It's gonna pass quickly here. It's on the southern fringe of this little front coming through and it's gonna be hard rain but it's moving quickly and we should be resuming quick, so DO NOT change this dial, folks!

Play would resume in the bottom of the 8th inning about 56 minutes later, so Keith wasn't terribly incorrect with his weather report! These people probably wish he was a little more accurate, though.


April 24, 2016

After Steve finished a report on Dodgers' starter Kenta Maeda's early success in the majors and pointing out that Maeda could face Jacob deGrom and the Mets when they head out west next week, this happened...

Gary: I'm sure that'll be quite a wakeup call for them, Steve.


Keith: Ohhhhhh! OHHHHHHHH!

Don't sleep on Gary and Keith, Steve Gelbs.

The wave started going around Turner Field during the 8th inning, which got Gary and Keith to start talking about 80's Mets slogans.

Keith: (talking about the wave) It always seemed to have magic in the 80's at Shea Stadium. You had the Curly Shuffle in the 7th inning stretch.

Gary: Well that's because the Magic Was Back.

Keith: Trying to Catch the Rising Stars.

Gary: Bring Your Kids To See Our Kids.

That's all we've got for this week, everyone! Big thanks to Chris McShane for keeping watchful eyes and ears as always.

Remember, if you're watching Mets games on SNY and you witness a moment that should be featured in This Week in SNY, send us an email to or tweet it to us (@AmazinAvenue or @_mistermet) with the hashtag #TWISNY!

This Week In SNY was created by former Amazin' Avenue contributor James Kannengieser. You can read all of his entries here. We hope you enjoy this reboot!