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This Week in Mets Quotes: Walker and Cespedes dismantle Panic City, Jaxon deGrom watches his father's first start back

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Love the Mets?

"We're playing good baseball. Two sweeps in a row, we're doing pretty well. We're swinging the bats pretty well. Our pitchers are throwing the ball well. We're closing out games. It's kind of what we thought." -Neil Walker [Mets]

Love the Mets.

"We got off kind of slow in the first week, and this second and third week here we’ve really got the ball rolling. From our offense to our starting pitching to our relievers, it’s a very talented group here." -Neil Walker [New York Post]

I checked the Mets player performance meter and he’s right.

"I fell behind, 2-0. I tried to throw a sinker down and away, it got too much plate and the guy is on fire right now." -Jon Moscot on Neil Walker [Mets]

Asked if Alderson is surprised by Walker’s hot start.

"I think we’re pleasantly pleased." -Sandy Alderson [New York Times]

Walker does need to work on his grammar though.

"My swing feels good; I’m seeing the ball good" -Neil Walker [New York Times]

Show Walker how it’s done, Conforto.

"I'm definitely seeing [the ball] well. I felt like I've been seeing it well all season. It definitely makes you comfortable at the plate and makes things a lot easier for you." -Michael Conforto [Mets]

It’s nice to see Collins has confidence in Plawecki, but he probably could’ve done it without insinuating d’Arnaud's latest injury might cost him his job.

"This is not the first time this has happened to Travis. I don’t think he looks over his shoulder, but neither did Wally Pipp. He never looked over his shoulder, either. This is an opportunity for Kevin to show people what he can do. We’ll see how it goes." -Terry Collins [New York Times]

When Cespedes pinch hit, I tempered my wife’s expectations by saying he had his bruise drained recently and hasn’t seen a live pitch in four days, so of course he hit a first-pitch, game-tying home run.

"Great players do unbelievable things when you need them to. When they're in big spots, they come through a lot."- Terry Collins [Mets]

Clutch standing around doing nothing by Duda.

"I said, ‘I’m not putting you in, but go on deck’. So [Duda] went up and stood on deck. He could have ordered a hamburger by that time." -Terry Collins on putting Duda on the on deck circle to stall for Cespedes [New York Times]

He added, ‘forget everything Kevin Long has told you.’

"It seems like those situations find you, when things aren't quite going your way and you're not really feeling great at the plate. Those are the ones where you take a lot of pride in just grinding it out and say, 'Hey, forget about the mechanics, forget about the timing.' You just go up there and try to compete, try to battle, try to find a way to put the fat part of the bat on the ball." -David Wright [Mets]

I want Harvey to be good now, not three starts from now.

"We all expect great things out of these young guys because they are so talented. But we need a little patience, also. When it comes back it’s going to be great and I think [Harvey] is making strides." -Terry Collins [New York Post]

Got to love Syndergaard’s ‘intimidating giant on the field, goofy giant off it’ personality.

"I think what he’s done in the last — if you go back just 12 months or even less — is pretty remarkable. Not just his performance on the mound, but his growth as an individual, his maturation, his emergence as a personality." -Sandy Alderson  [New York Times]

The god of thunder cares little for personal stats.

"All that really matters is that the team got a win. That’s all I’m happy about." -Noah Syndergaard [New York Times]

Holding runners is Thor’s…I don’t know, kryptonite I guess… does Thor have a weakness besides having a jerk brother?

"I've got to work on holding runners a little bit better and being a little quicker toward home plate." -Noah Syndergaard [Mets]

Now Terry, I know this sounds crazy but stick with me here, maybe there’s another way.

"We’ve got to get [Familia’s] stuff going. The only way to do it is to get him out there and throw. The more he is out there the better he is going to feel." -Terry Collins [New York Daily News]

I had a coach who said the same thing but he didn’t mean it as a positive.

"When I was really young, a few coaches in Little League told me, ‘You have a special swing.’ I guess I kind of stood out." -Michael Conforto [ESPN]

Can Mets players and coaches please use the seat belt when they take a cab?

"I’d just as soon not talk about [the accident]. It’s nobody else’s business except the cab driver." -Terry Collins [Newsday]

Congratulations to the deGroms.

"[Stacey deGrom sending a picture of Jaxon deGrom watching his father pitch] means a lot actually. She had him up for a bit watching it. Meant a lot. The last week or so, there were some ups and down, but I think to get back out here and get back playing, it was exciting, and to get that win the first game back, it was definitely nice to have." -Jacob deGrom [New York Daily News]

I don’t think I have ever seen deGrom look nervous on the mound.

"It was nice to be back out there. I was a little nervous, but excited to be back out there. I am always nervous, but missing two turns through (the rotation) and just getting back out there, there were extra nerves." -Jacob deGrom [New York Daily News]

deGrom can throw a baseball 95+ MPH in the exact spot of his choosing 60 feet , 6 inches away, but how’s he at changing a diaper?

"That I am still struggling with." -Jacob deGrom [New York Post]

Just a reminder that there are more important things to life than baseball.

"[Stacey deGrom’s sister Amanda, a respiratory therapist, who first noticed the Jaxon's apnea] actually noticed a change in a little bit of color and she said he’s getting a little dusky. So she knew what to do, so she woke him up and then we called the nurses in and they looked at him and he was fine, checked all his vitals and they were fine, and then later that evening he did it again when I was holding him, so that’s when we said, ‘Hey, can you watch him for the night,’ and I guess he did it twice with them and that’s when they decided to send him up to get monitored. In the beginning you are waiting for the blood work to come back and they ended up doing an MRI and some X-rays so we were waiting for all those results to come back, those were stressful. And then he is in there hooked up to those monitors, so you find yourself constantly watching these monitors and you’re just hoping they don’t go back down, but the first couple of days were definitely more stressful than the last few, once we noticed it had kind of stopped and the doctors said he’s healthy, we just have to figure this out." -Jacob deGrom [New York Post]

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

"Can we finally put to bed this bs that because he can frame pitches he is a good catcher? He may be the worst catcher in MLB. He also calls terrible games, which IMO is the single most important feature a catcher should have." -OutOfStateHoo

AA Quote of the Week

"Another Friday passes with a relieved sigh...That the Facepalm of the Week wasn’t one of my comments." -kbdabear